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What’s Causing The Basement Leakage And How To Identify It

Although basement leakage in homes is common, they can damage the structural integrity of the house. The signs of basement leakage are not apparent, and you won’t notice them until they start interfering with the other functional areas of your home, like damaging the foundation. Foundation damage will put you, your family, and the structure at risk. A leaking foundation, if left uninspected, is an accident waiting to happen. This is why it becomes your responsibility as a homeowner to timely check the basement area for any water leakage, signs of which we have mentioned below. But before we discuss that, let’s understand some of the common causes of basement leakage that we can improve on. 

Water Pooling Around The Foundation:

Excessive rainfall or improper construction, soil distribution around the house can lead to water seeping inside the house through the basement. This problem is more common in older homes that do not have a proper drainage system or slope around their home. Improper grading, downspouts, and improperly installed gutters might be reasons behind water pooling around the foundation. 

Excessive Humidity:

While it is essential to ensure proper ventilation in the basement, one should remember that when the outside air enters the basement, it results in condensation of water on the floor and walls, thereby increasing humidity. Excessive humidity can Continue reading →

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All you need to know about Crawl Space Waterproofing

To combat the warm and humid conditions, many homes in the Mid-Atlantic region are built with crawl space foundations. In simpler terms, the crawl space can be considered as a shallow basement area constructed beneath the house. This is an integral part of the home as it raises the structure off the ground. It facilitates proper air circulation and provides enough space for fixing electrical and plumbing issues.

Similar to parts of your home, the crawl space has its purpose. It provides structural integrity and adds value to your home. But inevitable design failures can damage the house internally and water leakage is one of the most common causes of concern . Water leakage in crawl space can make your home vulnerable to various health and safety hazards. 

But what if with a little knowledge in hand, you can make your crawl space a better place, free from moisture and the possibility of leakage? Well, the remedy to all your problems is reaching out to a crawl space waterproofing service in Maryland. 

Waterproofing your crawl space can help you create a healthy and safe environment. It can help you ward off all potential issues and causes of waterlogging in your space. 

The common signs indicating immediate need of waterproofing in the crawl space are 

  • standing water, 
  • wet soil, and 
  • floor
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Basement waterproofing is definitely a task that can be overwhelming, time-consuming and sometimes could be a money consuming task too. It is not a DIY task but requires professional help. You can approach Basement Waterproofing Virginia for the smooth execution of this task. On the bright side, it can increase your home resale value and once done properly – the flooding, leaking, stinking problems will be alleviated. Basically, there are two types of basement waterproofing – interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing.

Interior waterproofing can be a DIY (Do It Yourself) process as it includes small projects such as;  filling small cracks, applying anti-mold paint, and other small maintenance tasks. 

Exterior waterproofing includes installing footer drains, which runs deep beneath your foundation. This is a really tough task and can cost you double if mistakes happen during DIY.

The first mistake that homeowners commit is before understanding the severity of the problem. They start doing-it-themselves and most of the time, it goes ridiculously wrong and money gets wasted. So we advise you to always call for professionals like Basement Waterproofing Virginia, who will inspect the basement first and then give you a cost estimate.

Homeowners that try to waterproof their basement themselves, most of the time end up in a vulnerable situation. We recommend you to get proper Continue reading →

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3 Reasons that Demand Foundation Replacement

The foundation forms the base of your house and maintains its structural integrity. The biggest dilemma faced by homeowners when they encounter problems with the foundation is whether to repair the foundation or replace it. Consulting a reputable foundation repair professional will help you to find the right solution to address the problem. 

AA Action Waterproofing is a reputable company in Virginia for foundation repair and replacement. We have been serving the community since 1987, and provide unmatched waterproofing and foundation repair services. 

What is Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement is the process of restoring the foundation of a house in a phased and orderly manner. The foundation replacement professionals will replace it section by section. They bring heavy equipment to excavate the soil around the house and expose the foundation. The house is lifted up on temporary support while the existing foundation is replaced. Once the replacement is over, the soil is replaced and the house is lowered onto the new foundation. Other landscape features such as steps, gardens, foliage, etc. which were removed for the replacement process will be restored.  

 Reasons That Necessitate Foundation Replacement

Deteriorated Foundation

If the existing foundation is not properly maintained, it may be deteriorated with time. Foundation problems such as water leakage, soil conditions, and structural problems can weaken the foundation and cause immense Continue reading →

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Waterproofing Mistakes You Might Be Making

The water that helps in strengthening the foundation of a home can also be the cause of damaging the structural integrity of the same home. You know what they say, excess of anything is bad. This is especially true regarding water that seeps into the home and damages the foundation from within, endangering the lives of the occupants in the buildings. This is why it is essential to get a timely estimate of the water situation in your home by a professional waterproofing company in Virginia, like A AAction waterproofing. 

Although, we would always recommend a professional service over you trying to take the headache of waterproofing your home by yourself. If you would prefer to go with the latter, allow us to briefly discuss some waterproofing mistakes that you might be making in the process:


It doesn’t take long for excess water to show it signs of damage in the nooks and corners of the house with walls scrapping, drywall peeling, strange musty odor and the basement damping in the area affected by the mold growth. Ignoring these signs can be detrimental in the long run. If your home has a history of easy leaking or plumbing issues in the basement, we would suggest getting it inspected by a basement waterproofing company in Continue reading →

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Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Mold And Mildew Growth In Your Home

Homeowners often overlook the small black patches growing in their home. What we don’t know is that these random patches throughout the house could invite various physical and mental problems. Referred to as mold, they thrive in extreme humid and warm areas both inside as well as outside the home. 

Mold and mildew pose severe physical and mental health hazards to the occupants. This is why it is important for homeowners to keep an eye for any growth be it in the bathroom, behind the bed in the bedroom or around the walls of the dining area. 

Some of the common signs of mold and mildew growth in the home are:


If you notice a musty odor in your home, the one that comes from damp surfaces, chances are there is mold growth in that particular area. Before the matter becomes worse, get it inspected by a professional mold removal service in Virginia such as A AAction Waterproofing. They will give you a free estimate of the current mold situation in the home. 


Is the paint on the wall chipping? Are the wallpapers peeling? If so, then this indicates a high level of humidity which could possibly mean mold infestation in the home. Make sure to keep an eye out for any moisture-related deterioration in Continue reading →

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Unless you have a robust mold removal system put in place by a mold remediation company in DC like AA Action Waterproofing, any overlooked water damage is an easy way for mold to form and thrive. 

While you might be on your way after wiping the floor of the water, the water seeping through the concrete and crack would be puddling to give a healthy room the perfect environment for the mold to grow. Furthering the process would be the little to no ventilation and the darkness of the basement. Then there is water pooled from rain or your regular gardening, around the foundation of the home, due to improper drainage system. Ignoring it can deteriorate the structural integrity of the home and also lead to mold growth, which is detrimental in impacting on human health conditions. 

Mold leads to allergies and can also aggravate existing allergies of certain people. It is important to note that not everybody is sensitive to mold, which is why only certain people get sick with allergies and fever. Some of the common symptoms of molds are irritation in the eye or twitchiness, continuous and unexplained wheezing, skin irritation, coughing, throat infection, nasal stuffiness, etc.which leads to health disorders. 

If someone had experience with molds, they would be quick to spot apparent signs of Continue reading →

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If you think that as long as you are using quality structural supplies, there is no danger to your home’s foundation for at least the next 3-5 decades, then you are highly mistaken. While there is no doubt that using the right products of high quality can surely strengthen your house’s foundation, there are external factors that can significantly impact the structural integrity of the house to a severe extent, such as soil erosion. 

While soil erosion is a common phenomenon, wherein the topsoil gets eroded due to natural or man-made factors. It has a devastating effect on the structures and objects that need their support to stand and survive. For example: When it rains, water tends to pool around the house. This is especially true if you do not have a functional drainer system. As the water starts to seep into the ground in the direction of gravity, it starts to saturate. It drives the water towards the soil present around the foundation downhill, forming small puddles of water. 

This stagnant water will gradually wash off all the material and soil from the foundation, leading to cracks, through which they will seep in and damage the foundation with the continuous contraction and expansion of the concrete and water. Once the foundation is compromised, your entire house, right from walls, Continue reading →

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When Should You Start Worrying About The Foundation Cracks?

No matter how consistent you have been in your efforts of ensuring that your homes structural integrity remains intact with preventive measures, sooner or later, due to no fault of your own. The foundation will start to show signs of wear and tear, especially if the home is decades old. 

The common and most apparent sign of foundation damage is cracks in the walls and around the windows of your house. There are many reasons behind this seemingly unexplainable structural deformity. Maybe the foundation was not constructed properly, or there is a severe drainage issue which is being overlooked. There is a possibility that your house is made around either really wet/dry soil or maybe the change in temperature is slowly wearing down the foundation. If you live in a frigid climate, the frost might lead to foundation upheaving. Similarly, areas prone to natural disasters or with a history of the geotechnical issues will quickly degrade the foundation quality. 

But how can you identify which crack is not worth stressing over and which one needs to be immediately inspected by a professional foundation repair service in Maryland? 

To help you better understand the severity of the situation, we have listed a few types of cracks which are tell-tale signs that the foundation needs to be inspected immediately: 


These Continue reading →

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Crawl Space Waterproofing Mistakes You Should Avoid

When was the last time you went down and inspected the crawl space of your home?

Can’t recollect, right?

 While it is relatively common for people to procrastinate having to deal with the mess they might have accumulated over the years and decades in their basement that would have affected their crawl space, this should not be the case. 

Overlooking the condition of the crawl space can be detrimental to your physical and financial health in the long run. 

Allow us to explain how:

  • Water pooling around the foundation, draining in the basement or leaking through the home can lead to prolonged dampness. This will give way to the growth of mold and bacteria. These can then spread into the air and reach the indoor of the home, resulting in allergic reactions and diseases. 
  • Humidity in the crawl space will speed up the deterioration of the foundation, risking the structural integrity of the home. An excessively humid crawl space also adds to the utility bills.
  • When moisture is not taken care of at the right time, it soon attracts pests and rodents, which makes it their home. Mice, rats, spiders and snakes soon find their way in this damp and dark place, infecting it with their droppings. The chemicals released from the droppings then affect the air quality of the
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