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Tips to keep your Interior Basement dry

One of the most overlooked parts of our houses, basements are only tended to when they start to rot due to moisture or infestation by any bacteria. 

The health of the interior basement contributes to the overall health of the house and the occupants, i.e., you and your loved ones. This is why it is essential to keep the interior basement dry either by hiring Waterproofing professionals in Maryland or periodically managing it yourself. 

Wondering what problems could a basement ridden with moisture could possibly lead to?

Allow us to brief you on it:

  • Water damage in the interior basement can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can result in allergies.
  • The airborne bacteria, which thrive on dark and damp areas, can cause harmful infections in humans and pets at home.
  • Not known to many, dust mites also thrive in a damp environment and make a colony in your basement leading to bouts of sneezes, itchiness in the eyes, and other respiratory problems. 
  • Damp basement also attracts other pests such as spiders, cockroaches, mice, thereby threatening the structural integrity of the home and health of the occupant gravely. 

Now that you know how dangerous a damp basement can be, let’s have a look at some of the tips that you can implement to keep your interior basement Continue reading →

Why You Should Not Delay Basement Waterproofing

The basement is more than just a place to dump old and unused things. You should know that the basement acts as the foundation of your house, and it plays a major role in keeping your house in the right shape. You need to properly take care of your basement as it can get damaged in several ways, but the most common form is water damage. In comparison to all other parts of your house, your basement is more vulnerable to water damage as water can easily seep through cracks in the foundation.

If you are aware of the dangers of water damage and still delaying basement waterproofing, then you are making a big mistake. Let’s find out why.

It will lead to more energy consumption

You might have started thinking about how ignoring basement waterproofing can lead to more energy consumption? Well, you should know that during basement waterproofing, the experts will first seal the cracks through which water can easily pass. But the same cracks in your basement can cause cold air to easily leak, and thus as soon as you turn off your AC, your room will turn into a desert. This is why you will need to keep your AC turned on for a much longer period in order to maintain room temperature, and thus, your Continue reading →

What’s Causing The Basement Leakage And How To Identify It

Although basement leakage in homes is common, they can damage the structural integrity of the house. The signs of basement leakage are not apparent, and you won’t notice them until they start interfering with the other functional areas of your home, like damaging the foundation. Foundation damage will put you, your family, and the structure at risk. A leaking foundation, if left uninspected, is an accident waiting to happen. This is why it becomes your responsibility as a homeowner to timely check the basement area for any water leakage, signs of which we have mentioned below. But before we discuss that, let’s understand some of the common causes of basement leakage that we can improve on. 

Water Pooling Around The Foundation:

Excessive rainfall or improper construction, soil distribution around the house can lead to water seeping inside the house through the basement. This problem is more common in older homes that do not have a proper drainage system or slope around their home. Improper grading, downspouts, and improperly installed gutters might be reasons behind water pooling around the foundation. 

Excessive Humidity:

While it is essential to ensure proper ventilation in the basement, one should remember that when the outside air enters the basement, it results in condensation of water on the floor and walls, thereby increasing humidity. Excessive humidity can Continue reading →

Basement Wall Stains: Signs, Causes And How To Get Rid Of Them?

When was the last time you checked the condition of your basement?

You might just be piling old and discarded objects in there without even bothering to give the area so much of a glance. 

Homeowners tend to not pay much heed to the basement until the deterioration underneath that has been overlooked for so long starts seeping in their living area. While the proficient basement waterproofing companies in DC would easily fix the issue, it is your responsibility to check the basement for apparent stains regularly. Stains might look harmless, but they are a sign of problems that can aggravate further and damage the structural integrity of the house. The fear of watching your home turn to dust because of your negligence is scary enough to make checking the basement a part of your routine.

Stains are a clear indication of water intrusion, which is connected to mold growth but not every stain gives way to mold and mildew. They can be easily remove, but unless you know the cause of it, you will continue cleaning the same spot every 2-3 months. 

Why not uproot the problem itself?

To help you promptly identify and fix these issues, we have listed a few of the typical basement stains which are found in most homes:


If you Continue reading →

What To Do With A Flooded Basement

A flooded basement can be a nightmare. Handling this situation can be stressful as well as jeopardize the foundation of your house. Is this a recurring problem? Are you unsure how to tackle it wisely without spending an arm and a leg? Are you concerned that your basement repair won’t be completed in time? To help you answer these questions, we have listed some ways you can make sure your basement never floods again.

Shut off the power and remove all your belongings from the basement

The first step to take when you suspect a leaking basement is to make sure it is safe for you to enter and assess the damage. A flooded basement can do much more than property damage. To make sure it doesn’t pose a threat to your health or that of your family members, shut off the power, especially if any of your electrical sources are located in your basement. If you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, call an electrician. Next, salvage what you can by removing your belongings from the basement so that you can better assess the damage and the source of the problem.

Try to detect the source and cut off the water supply for that particular source

After you have removed all of your stuff from the basement, your Continue reading →