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Foundation Repair

Most Common Foundation Problems That Require Assessment From Foundation Repair Experts

A house is considered one of the most valuable assets possessed by any individual. It requires quite a lot of financial as well as emotional investment in building a house, and that’s why it becomes important to protect it. Many homeowners deal with problems related to the foundation of a home. Some of them who pay close attention to their houses are able to understand the problems in the foundation but not all of them are able to do that. This is why contacting a foundation repair Maryland based contractor such as Aa Action Waterproofing can be beneficial for those who are unable to assess the problems with the foundation of their houses. 

Before contacting a foundation repair Maryland based contractor, it is wise to identify some of the initial signs of foundation problems in your house. Here we have a list of the most common foundation problems that call for a foundation repair expert:

Foundation Cracks

Over the years you may find some structural differences in your foundations like shifts and cracks. These shifts, cracks, or gaps in the foundation of your house indicate that there is some trouble with the foundation. Damp or snowy weather is among the main causes of these cracks and shifts.

While watching closely for these cracks, you must determine if they are vertical Continue reading →

Cracked Tiles: Signs of Foundation Issues

Cracked tiles are often ignored in a household, but if ignored for too long, they can be a sign of a major issue. Therefore, it necessary to repair them as soon as possible. Not only it is a threat to the people who are living in the house but also affects the reselling value of the house. The reason being cracked tiles could often be a sign of a deeper problem related to the foundation of the house and withhold the power to damage the entire structure.

How can you be sure? 

It is important to be sure that there is no deeper problem associated with the crack. For that, you will have to check for a few signs and take some action. Whenever you spot cracked tiles, be sure to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Check for signs of foundation issues

The first step would be inspecting signs related to the damage of the foundation of the house. You must look if the cracks are becoming bigger or if other parts of your home have been affected too. Hairline cracks on the tile floors act as the prime indication of a foundation issue. Another way to inspect is to check the walls and bricks placed at the bricks of the house for fissures.

  1. Contact a foundation repair contractor

Before panicking, Continue reading →

How To Find The Right Foundation Repair Company

A weak foundation, be it a value, learning principle, relationship, or even a real physical foundation gives way to the external burden and falls apart. The foundation of every aspect of existence is to be strengthened to live a good life, but then why do we fail to apply this principle to the most basic and tangible foundation, that is right in front of our eyes?


The foundation of a house is integral to the entire structure, or if we may say so, the key. It is essential to let a trusted professional help you with foundation problems, but how do you find this perfect person or company?

Here we will try to help you zero-in on someone who can perform this tricky and tedious job.

  • Active Practice Years

When you’re out looking for the right foundation company, the most crucial differentiating factor is experience. If you’re looking for a Basement Waterproofing Virginia based company, AA Action Waterproofing is your go-to. Companies that are new in the game often try to promote and advertise their services based on an employee’s experience or previous ventures. We want you to see through all these subtle tricks and find seasoned professionals that know how to get the job done.

  • Customer Reviews

What’s a better way to gauge a company’s work than to Continue reading →

Foundation Cracks… What measures should you take if you notice them?

Our houses are built on a foundation and, without a doubt, need a strong foundation. Foundation is what supports a home, or can be called the base on which the entire building stands. There are different types of foundations for a house, and each house has a different type of foundation. 

Today, what we are going to discuss is that no matter how strong the foundation, there is a possibility it might get damaged due to different reasons. 

Why should you be concerned about that? Because your entire house will be affected if the damage turns severe. The reasons for the crack could be geography, temperature, or architecture. These damages can often be noticed from our naked eyes in the form of a crack. 

Ever noticed all those aesthetic cracks in your basements, below the windowpane or at the edge of your door? We are sorry to say that the aesthetic cracks are not serving you any good for the house. What you should understand further is that these cracks are alarms—an alarm for destruction waiting to happen. 

What is a foundation crack? 

As mentioned above, foundation cracks are damage to the foundation of your house. There are different types of foundation cracks, and you can identify them based on their appearance. For instance, there is horizontal, vertical, and diagonal Continue reading →


If you think that as long as you are using quality structural supplies, there is no danger to your home’s foundation for at least the next 3-5 decades, then you are highly mistaken. While there is no doubt that using the right products of high quality can surely strengthen your house’s foundation, there are external factors that can significantly impact the structural integrity of the house to a severe extent, such as soil erosion. 

While soil erosion is a common phenomenon, wherein the topsoil gets eroded due to natural or man-made factors. It has a devastating effect on the structures and objects that need their support to stand and survive. For example: When it rains, water tends to pool around the house. This is especially true if you do not have a functional drainer system. As the water starts to seep into the ground in the direction of gravity, it starts to saturate. It drives the water towards the soil present around the foundation downhill, forming small puddles of water. 

This stagnant water will gradually wash off all the material and soil from the foundation, leading to cracks, through which they will seep in and damage the foundation with the continuous contraction and expansion of the concrete and water. Once the foundation is compromised, your entire house, right from walls, Continue reading →

Tips to Stop Water From Pooling Around Foundation

No matter how huge or beautiful a home is, if it is not built on a strong foundation, it is only a disaster waiting to happen. 

While we invest copiously in building and reinforcing the foundation of our home, do we spend enough time maintaining the structure? 

Whether it be lousy maintenance,  improper outdoor construction or other factors that slowly start to affect the very foundation of the home. You might not even know but the cracks, rotten wood, uneven flooring could be damaging the structural integrity of your home. One of the significant reasons for foundation damage across the world is water-pooling, which we often overlook. 

Depending on how old your home is and how well it’s maintained, water pooling could be due to the way your home is built such as landscape, Inadequate grading, broken drainage system or an obstructing construction in the way of water slope could also be leading to water sitting around the property. 

While we will advise you to only consult a foundation repair service in Maryland for a fool-proof permanent solution, you are responsible for ensuring that any avoidable damage is timely taken care of. Keeping this into consideration, we bring to you some of the primary causes and practical tips to prevent water from pooling around the foundation. 

  • Horizontal or stair-step cracks
Continue reading →

Mold Removal and Foundation Repair DC Services for Every Home and Office

Mold removal and mold remediation services are fundamental to maintaining an excellent standard of living. If you have suddenly found black mold or any other toxic substances, be aware that they can cause harm. When you notice a stale, moldy, or damp smell, call the professionals at AA Action Waterproofing.

Our mold remediation service is considered among the best in the industry. We cover everything from mold inspection and mold testing to full extermination of black mold and other toxic spores. We remove any mold that is a threat to your property and your health; we even inspect behind your walls for unseen stains! Our mold testing and inspection are second to none and our employees are highly-trained professionals.

Do not wait. Contact AA Action Waterproofing today!

What Happens During Mold Remediation?

Each and every job is different, but we generally follow the same basic process: Planning – We take each individual situation and craft a unique, custom plan for mold elimination.

  • Preparation – We take great care to protect the worksite by thoroughly covering all surfaces.
  • Inspection – We will closely inspect the problem area, identify the specific mold species, and then determine the appropriate tools for the job.
  • Elimination – We then get rid of the mold once and for all by following a few simple steps:
Continue reading →

Causes For Foundation Cracks and Why Should You Fix It ASAP

The foundation is one of the most important parts of your house. It supports your entire house, which is why you should ensure that it is in a healthy state.

In the busyness of modern life, people may overlook small foundation cracks, much to their later regret. Foundation cracks are only the beginning and they can cause a series of problems if not repaired in time.

There are multiple companies offering foundation repairs. Companies offering Foundation Repair in Virginia understand that choosing the right one for the foundation repair of your home can be a challenge. To start, look for a company that has years of experience and good reputation in the industry. Before we begin explaining why repairing these foundation cracks is important, let’s go over the primary causes of these cracks.

Top Causes For Foundation Cracks

  • Poor Construction

Before the foundation of your house is laid, the ground is prepared through soil testing, compacting the soil, and designing a strong footing. One of the primary reasons for foundation cracks is poor construction during this stage. It’s easy to skip a step or overlook part of the ground preparation process.

  • Natural Causes

Foundation cracks of your house can also result from natural causes such as soil expansion, earthquakes, flood, and others. For instance, the melting of snow after heavy Continue reading →

Have You Checked Your Foundation for These Damage Signs?

The foundation is perhaps the most important part of your home. To ensure the long life of your foundation, it’s important to have regular inspections and conduct repairs when issues arise.

Many homeowners face severe problems that are difficult and costly. It is essential that you keep on inspecting your foundation, looking specifically for signs of damage. Some signs are evident and visible; others aren’t as easily detected.

If you start to pick up these on signs of damage, you may need immediate foundation repair.

Cracks in the foundation

One of the most obvious signs is cracks in the foundation. More often than not, they indicate the presence of excess moisture. If you spot cracks, keep an eye on the area and try to keep it as dry as possible. If they get worse, seek immediate treatment.

Musty odor

Musty odors, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and basements, are caused by high moisture levels the home. This can affect both the structural integrity of the home as well as air quality. While you can treat mild moisture damage on your own, extreme damage can only be repaired by a professional foundation repair team.

Inferior water drainage system

One of the leading reasons for foundation damage is poor water drainage. You can identify drainage issues by how much standing water is Continue reading →

The Major Risk Factors That Can Damage The Foundation Of Your Home

The overall strength of a home in Virginia, or any part of the world, begins at its foundation. When foundations crack and shift, the rest of the home structure becomes unstable. While much of the foundation settling that occurs over time is quite natural, there are other types of settling that can be caused by different conditions.

Foundation damage is one of the most expensive and significant misfortunes that can happen to any house. An unsettled foundation, or a few cracks or minor shifts, can result in costly foundation repairs. Do you have wall cracks, foundation cracks, or sticking entry points? There are signs that point to foundation damage after it has occured, but it’s always better to prevent the problem in the first place by becoming aware of the biggest dangers to your foundation.

Here are a few of the biggest threat factors that call for professional foundation crack repairs in Virginia.

Common Plumbing Issues

Common plumbing leaks are one of the biggest problems that affect your foundation, particularly if there is an issue with the main line. A leak can easily flow into your home’s surrounding soil and can cause your foundation to shift. In most cases, homeowners don’t realize what is happening until it’s too late. By then, the resulting foundation issues are easy to notice. Continue reading →