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Most Common Foundation Problems That Require Assessment From Foundation Repair Experts

A house is considered one of the most valuable assets possessed by any individual. It requires quite a lot of financial as well as emotional investment in building a house, and that’s why it becomes important to protect it. Many homeowners deal with problems related to the foundation of a home. Some of them who pay close attention to their houses are able to understand the problems in the foundation but not all of them are able to do that. This is why contacting a foundation repair Maryland based contractor such as Aa Action Waterproofing can be beneficial for those who are unable to assess the problems with the foundation of their houses. 

Before contacting a foundation repair Maryland based contractor, it is wise to identify some of the initial signs of foundation problems in your house. Here we have a list of the most common foundation problems that call for a foundation repair expert:

Foundation Cracks

Over the years you may find some structural differences in your foundations like shifts and cracks. These shifts, cracks, or gaps in the foundation of your house indicate that there is some trouble with the foundation. Damp or snowy weather is among the main causes of these cracks and shifts.

While watching closely for these cracks, you must determine if they are vertical or horizontal. The angle of the cracks can tell you a lot about the problem. For instance, if the crack seems to be positioned at a 45-degree angle, the foundation movement is considered as severe, and definitely requires to be looked at by a foundation crack repair Maryland based contractor. 

Foundation Sinking

Foundation sinking is a severe problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Initially, the sinking happens on one side of the house. Many homeowners do not consider it as much of an issue, but once it happens on one side, the other sides will certainly get affected by it. The house will begin moving downwards and the leveling of the house will vary. 

In case of sudden sinking or settling, there are possibilities that the house will slump into a sinkhole. So, to avoid going into the sinkhole, it is better to contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. 

Doors Don’t Open and Close Properly

If doors that used to close and open without any problem suddenly start sticking, the problem might be with your foundation and not the doors. If the doors are dragging at the threshold or hang down at the top, the foundation might require attention. This issue generally affects the slab, pier, and beam foundations regardless of private property or commercial property.

Wet Crawl Space

If you find dampness in the crawl space, it can point out some serious foundation-related problems. When the crawl space has heavy moisture and a foul damp smell, then mold and mildew are considered to be the main cause. Many homeowners who live in an area where there is heavy rainfall and persistent water logging issues, then they require an effective foundation drainage system. Installation of a surface drain might be great to remove water. Along with it, foundation repairing is of utmost importance.
As they say, ‘You cannot build a strong building on a weak foundation’. To give a strong foundation to your home, Aa Action Waterproofing offers a wide range of services such as foundation crack repairs, house settlements, bowed walls, floors settling, basement wall anchors, pier foundations, house foundation replacement, and much more! Contact the most trusted foundation repair Maryland based company now!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on September, 25, 2020