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Crawl Space Encapsulation: Pros & Cons Of Installation

Did you recently find a crawl space in your house?

Does it serve as a functional storage space?

But is it usually infested with insects and rodents? Or do you find it to be a moist, damp space with fungi and molds?

If the answer is yes, your house most definitely needs crawl space encapsulation! This not only protects the crawl space but also maintains indoor air quality and cleanliness. Humidity prevention, hygiene maintenance, damage control by rats, etc. are also some added benefits of this encapsulation. 

Let us now weigh the details and crawl space encapsulation pros and cons to know more about this.

What does crawl space encapsulation mean?

Crawl space encapsulation refers to the process of using a barrier to protect the space underneath your house. The first step here is to clean and remove all the water from the crawl space. This is followed by sealing the cracks, holes and empty spaces which allow the water to get inside. 

A thick plastic lining is used which covers the floor area as well as the pillars and walls. 

So in case you are looking to maintain your house with a water and pest resistant crawl space, getting help from a company like AA Action Waterproofing might be the solution.

Why is crawl space encapsulation necessary?

There may be multiple reasons which make the encapsulation a necessity. This is because the crawl space is mainly used to store old, discarded material. Due to dirt accumulation, they become the breeding grounds of rats, cockroaches and other insects. There are serious consequences of this including life-threatening or chronic diseases. 

Additionally, water may leak into the crawl space through the cracks in the house walls, leaking pipes, seeping of water from the soil and so on. This adds humidity and dampness and provides suitable conditions for microbes. Fungi, molds and bacteria may develop and lead to various health and hygiene troubles.

To avoid this, it is an essential need to understand crawl space encapsulation pros and cons and get your space encapsulated.

What are the pros and cons of installing the crawl space encapsulation?

It is very important to know crawl space encapsulation pros and cons owing to the costs and management involved. The advantages that come with a crawl space barrier installation are:

  • Indoor air circulation: With proper sealing from a professional company, the crawl space will be insulated. This keeps the indoor air well circulated.
  • Pest resistance: The correct type of lining can prevent pest infestation in your house. There are also insect-specific plastic sheets to protect the space from a particular insect type. 
  • Humidity reduction: High humidity levels are one of the major reasons for encapsulation. This leads to microbial and fungal growth and brings the threat of diseases.
  • Eliminate smell: Due to proper cleaning and sealing of the crawl space, any unbearable smell will be removed, giving the house freshness.

Some cons of crawl space encapsulation are:

  • Costs:  The installation and maintenance may come with considerable costs. Some additional up-gradation may be necessary for its functioning.


  • Maintenance: In very humid areas, the encapsulated area may need servicing regularly. This might be a disadvantage as moisture is the main reason for encapsulation.


  • Storage: Only specific items can be stored in the crawl space since they may be flammable and cause unwanted damage.

Knowing the crawl space encapsulation pros and cons, it is important to get the right company for yourself ! To cater to all these needs, AA Action Waterproofing provides expertise, experience and free inspection. With the promise of quality work, we have all it takes to solve your waterproofing, mold removal, foundation repair and encapsulation problems. 

Wait no more, avail our same day, low-cost services today with a lifetime warranty!

This entry was posted in Crawl Space on August, 18, 2020