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Three Major Approaches To Opt For Basement Waterproofing

If you have a basement at your home then you are well acquainted with the problems that accompany it. Basement is one of the most problematic areas in the house as it is prone to frequent water leaks which eventually lead to moisture build up and affect your walls and floor. The water leaks may also cause basement flooding or other problems such as insect manifestation, molding of the home, and an unstable foundation. 

These issues might not seem very large at first but they can hamper your house and its structure. Thus waterproofing your basement is a necessary step for the protection of your house. 

There are professional basement waterproofing companies in Baltimore that would give you satisfactory results. Waterproofing the basement ensures that the basement is free from moisture build up and these professional contractors detect the source of leakage in your basement, clean your basement, and then waterproof it to keep it dry. 

There are various approaches to basement waterproofing due to the various causes of water leakage. The leakage might be due to broken pipes which may be present internally or located at an external location. All these factors determine the method to be used for basement waterproofing. 

Professional basement waterproofing contractors in Baltimore have three approaches for basement waterproofing:

  • Interior sealants
  • Interior water drainage
  • Exterior waterproofing of the basement

Interior sealants

Interior sealants are not generally suitable for the purpose of basement waterproofing but they can come handy and keep your basement dry temporarily. The sealants are made to keep the atmospheric humidity level in your basements to minimum and using them will result in the least moisture levels as they absorb faster. Not just this, but the spread of moisture to other parts of the house is prevented by using interior sealants. 

Interior water drainage

The Interior water drainage system is one of the most effective systems for basement waterproofing. By introducing the interior water drainage system you are verifying that all the entry and exit points of water leakage is not left unattended.

A proper drainage system eliminates the problem of water build up for you as it does not allow stagnation of water. There are pipes and v-joints that properly flush out all the water from your basement. All these fittings are planned through a blueprint of your house and all the major checkpoints are covered. Also, installing an internal drainage system in your basement is quite easy and does not take up a lot of time. They are economical, time saving, effective, and durable. Compared to the outdoor drainage systems internal drainage systems are a much more rational choice. 

Exterior waterproofing of the basement

Exterior waterproofing is a bit costly when compared to the interior drainage system. Also, this method is used by waterproofing contractors in Baltimore when constructing the house. The main purpose of exterior waterproofing is to protect the house from any kind of structural damage the leakage may cause. Exterior waterproofing of the basement is done using polymers and membranes to coat the basement walls. They repel any form of water build up and thus are an excellent choice for basement waterproofing. Most professional basement waterproofing contractors use exterior waterproofing of the basements. But this method is best applied at the time of construction. For an existing home, this method is not so suitable and can clog the drains.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on August, 14, 2020