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Warm Temperature and Rain Leading To Molds In Your House? Here’s What You Can Do

What’s the best thing about rain showers?

You can smell wet soil if you are a nature lover, sip a coffee, and enjoy the cool droplets. And with an inset of summers, you shed off those heavy sweaters and cardigans and feel light. 

But is that all? 

All that glitters is not gold, and you know that if you live in four walls that are moist and full of molds!

Now this sounds crazy! The leakage in your house, water drainage problems and the development of molds spoil can be disastrous. Molds can be dangerous to your health. It is common for them to develop and grow in warm temperatures and rainy seasons due to the accumulation of moisture. Worse, they tend to grow at high temperatures as well! 

They can be dangerous to your health- those who are allergic may suffer from severe breathing problems such as asthma, and many others may end up in hospitals. 

Molds live on carbon dioxide and may eat up plants as well. Also, it may also be harmful to your four-legged friend. It is important to treat them before it affects yours or any other family member’s health. There are plenty of Mold Removal Services in Virginia that help in getting rid of the problem. Mold Remediation in Virginia came to your rescue during these tough times. 

Meanwhile, we have all the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to mold remediation.

  • Should all the windows of my house stay closed? 

Molds develop in the areas that are prone to moisture. To make sure there is less heat and humidity, open up the windows to reduce moisture. Also, you will get to breathe fresh air. 

  • Will switching on fans help with ventilation? 

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas that are more prone to mold growth. The fungi in these areas can be harmful to your health since it is where you cook food or clean yourself. The preparation of food in such an unhealthy environment can cause various health ailments. Therefore, switch on ventilation fans for air to dry up these wet areas and keep the area ventilated. 

  • Should I go for remediation? 

Mold Remediation Virginia based services are engaged in cleaning up the molds entirely. They follow a set of safe and secure measures. 

  • Do I need to check window sills daily? 

Window sills can get moist due to excessive condensation. Wipe off excess water from the sills to keep them dry. Avoid drawing curtains so that a high amount of moisture is not trapped near these windows. 

  • Should I go for waterproofing of basements

Basements are the most vulnerable areas for moisture during a downpour. They accumulate moisture that produces molds. Also, you may face water logging problems, thereby, reducing the value of your home. However, waterproofing prevents the accumulation of moisture and thereby keeping your basement clean and dry. 

  • Should I keep track of cracks in walls?

When buildings get old, they develop cracks and the paint peels off. During the rainy season, it creates a problem since water penetrates these cracks and keeps the house humid. You must check for these cracks regularly and get them repaired. 

What are the measures taken during mold remediation?

  • Eliminating water problem

This step involves fixing the areas that have leakages and seepage in the walls. Thus, eliminating all water problems.

  • Segregate the areas with molds

The best step is isolating the affected area. This is generally done using a thin polythene sheet and shutting all the doors and windows. 

  • Cleaning the area

The next step involves dusting the area and then eliminating wet materials from the area. After that, cleaning and drying up the contaminated area. 
If you are looking for companies offering Mold Removal Services in Virginia at affordable prices, visit A AAction Waterproofing and solve all your problems.  A AAction Waterproofing makes sure to repair all water problems, clean and dry the area with utmost caution.

This entry was posted in Mold Removal Services on July, 21, 2020