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Mold Infestation


Mold is one such thing that can make homeowners panic, especially when they have faced a summer of high temperatures and humidity. But what really is the fear of this mold, and could we blame this for those unexpected and unavoided summer illnesses and discomfort? 

Mold exposures can cause a variety of health issues depending on the person’s body type, his immunity and organ systems and lastly his reaction to those issues. Some people are more sensitive to mold than others and can show symptoms much earlier than the expected time.

When a person is exposed to an environment injected with mold, it can cause a number of health issues such as throat irritation, nasal discomfort, eye irritation and itchiness, cough and wheezing, as well as skin irritation to some extent.

Why Hygiene Is Important During This Outbreak?

Lately, we have realized that being hygienic, clean and safe plays a very crucial role in our lives, especially when the world is fighting against the deadly virus; Covid-19 and people living in a pandemic situation. We have been advised to wash our hands, sanitize them time and again, so we can protect ourselves and other people in our nearby surroundings. Being at home, social distancing from our known, that may help one avoid human interaction and combat an outbreak. But what Continue reading →