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Foundation Replacement

Cracked Tiles: Signs of Foundation Issues

Cracked tiles are often ignored in a household, but if ignored for too long, they can be a sign of a major issue. Therefore, it necessary to repair them as soon as possible. Not only it is a threat to the people who are living in the house but also affects the reselling value of the house. The reason being cracked tiles could often be a sign of a deeper problem related to the foundation of the house and withhold the power to damage the entire structure.

How can you be sure? 

It is important to be sure that there is no deeper problem associated with the crack. For that, you will have to check for a few signs and take some action. Whenever you spot cracked tiles, be sure to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Check for signs of foundation issues

The first step would be inspecting signs related to the damage of the foundation of the house. You must look if the cracks are becoming bigger or if other parts of your home have been affected too. Hairline cracks on the tile floors act as the prime indication of a foundation issue. Another way to inspect is to check the walls and bricks placed at the bricks of the house for fissures.

  1. Contact a foundation repair contractor

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3 Reasons that Demand Foundation Replacement

The foundation forms the base of your house and maintains its structural integrity. The biggest dilemma faced by homeowners when they encounter problems with the foundation is whether to repair the foundation or replace it. Consulting a reputable foundation repair professional will help you to find the right solution to address the problem. 

AA Action Waterproofing is a reputable company in Virginia for foundation repair and replacement. We have been serving the community since 1987, and provide unmatched waterproofing and foundation repair services. 

What is Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement is the process of restoring the foundation of a house in a phased and orderly manner. The foundation replacement professionals will replace it section by section. They bring heavy equipment to excavate the soil around the house and expose the foundation. The house is lifted up on temporary support while the existing foundation is replaced. Once the replacement is over, the soil is replaced and the house is lowered onto the new foundation. Other landscape features such as steps, gardens, foliage, etc. which were removed for the replacement process will be restored.  

 Reasons That Necessitate Foundation Replacement

Deteriorated Foundation

If the existing foundation is not properly maintained, it may be deteriorated with time. Foundation problems such as water leakage, soil conditions, and structural problems can weaken the foundation and cause immense Continue reading →