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Mold is one such thing that can make homeowners panic, especially when they have faced a summer of high temperatures and humidity. But what really is the fear of this mold, and could we blame this for those unexpected and unavoided summer illnesses and discomfort? 

Mold exposures can cause a variety of health issues depending on the person’s body type, his immunity and organ systems and lastly his reaction to those issues. Some people are more sensitive to mold than others and can show symptoms much earlier than the expected time.

When a person is exposed to an environment injected with mold, it can cause a number of health issues such as throat irritation, nasal discomfort, eye irritation and itchiness, cough and wheezing, as well as skin irritation to some extent.

Why Hygiene Is Important During This Outbreak?

Lately, we have realized that being hygienic, clean and safe plays a very crucial role in our lives, especially when the world is fighting against the deadly virus; Covid-19 and people living in a pandemic situation. We have been advised to wash our hands, sanitize them time and again, so we can protect ourselves and other people in our nearby surroundings. Being at home, social distancing from our known, that may help one avoid human interaction and combat an outbreak. But what happens if you’re living under the roof and getting affected by mold? What action can you take to avoid the spread of it and ensure good health of the walls of your home? Let’s find out about how mold leads to deteriorating hygiene and see how you can prevent mold infestation and make your hygiene game strong in such times of Coronavirus outbreak.

Inhalation has been proven the most important and expected way for transmission of microbial agents like fungi; living or dead, or fungal components. People can get exposed to mold via skin, while ingestion of food or through inhalation. It can also be transmitted from airborne agents, and this can tremendously affect a person’s health when he is exposed to a massive concentration of mold at one place, maybe a building which might have been flooded earlier. Doctors or research scientists have not been able to fully discover the extent of mold present in one sample location as there is no such standardised method for measuring them, hence extending their studies to further levels time and again.

Prevention Tips

Further to avoid the growth of mold, initially you can remove it from the materials that can be cleaned without expert supervision, which a layman can do or you can get rid of damaged or infected products, which is not in use now. You can seek the expert’s help and request them to complete such a process if you are having respiratory issues or a weak immune system. Proper equipment such as a doctor recommended N-95 mask, gloves and cleaning kit should be used while working in mold contaminated areas. Basically you need to focus on some predefined steps which can make the cleaning process a success: 

  • First, take immediate action on stopping the water to enter, if required.
  • Second, analyse the extent of damage caused by water intrusion, then plan and execute the reversal activities.
  • Third, evacuate the people working in that bay and protect them on priority-basis.
  • Fourth, throw away the damaged materials or clean, as we discussed earlier, executing it with proper care.
  • Fifth, check if the place is remediated fortunately and then fill up space with dry and hard materials, ensuring the minimal possibility of further damage.

Hiring Professionals For Waterproofing Purpose

While dealing with any kind of construction issue in your home, it can be as hectic as you may think. This happens when there is a dire need to fix structural malfunctions in the roof, or can be the case with leaking basements and damaged foundation altogether. What you need is a professional to take over and solve your issues with their expertise. Hiring a professional from a trusted company helps you ensure that they perform careful and detailed work, depending upon the situation of the building. Further, you need them to be honest with you and transparently share their ideas and plan of action, as they are supposed to amend your house efficiently.

Here comes an efficient, effective and trustworthy waterproofing and Basement Leak Repair company in Northern Virginia, Action Waterproofing (AA Action Waterproofing) which has remained compatible with their idea of providing first-class, clean and healthy service to its clients. It has proven itself to be one of the best waterproofing companies over the world that can provide service both at reasonable prices and in a shorter time span.

So before you suspect some unusual mold activity, inspect your buildings and surroundings, establish certain procedures to analyse the effect, respond to health-related concerns or emergencies when reported, follow and ensure corrective measures to perform remedial practices and lastly, recommend a professional to plan this for you and execute qualitatively.

This entry was posted in Mold Infestation on June, 12, 2020