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Failed Foundation: A Few Common Causes And Signs

Finding a crack in the foundation of your home can be one of the most unpleasant things for many homeowners.If you have recently noticed a foundation crack, you must be thinking whether your home has a foundation problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Foundation cracks may be insightful and bad, but not all cracks create a structural issue.

Foundation problems can be caused by both nature and the homeowners. No matter whether you have purchased a new home or you have survived in the same home for many years, it’s great to know about the signs and causes of a failed foundation. Knowing the warning signs and getting the foundation repair by an expert contractor can save you a lot of money.

A few Causes of foundation problems:

The most common causes of foundation problems are caused by soil erosion, soil type, soil compaction and transpiration.

1. Soil Type: The most common kind of expansive clay absorb the moisture from the soil, thus producing swelling in the soil. Due to which a movement is caused in the ground, known as settlement.

2. Compacted soil: Poorly compacted soil, fails to support the weight of your foundation and this creates foundation problems.

3. Soil Erosion: Soil erosion is the result of leaky pipes, poor drainage, or uncontrolled flow Continue reading →

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A Few Essential Reasons To Hire Professional Mold Removal Services In Virginia

Mildew and mold can attack any property if the conditions allow. In most cases, homes, and offices in Virginia company about this serious issue after just after the winter or heavy rains. Mold and mildew are the harmful fungi that can cause severe health problems. AA Action Waterproofing experts mold removal or remedial experts advise on periodic inspection of all walls, basement rooms, ceilings and floors for any warning signs of mold. In case if any detected, there is an urgent need to hire mold removal services as soon as possible.

If you have mold and mildews in office or home, it’s important to leave mold removal job to the experts. The professionals at AA Action Waterproofing have all the knowledge and skills required in order to tackle a mold removal task of any size. Here, the experts of AA Action Waterproofing explains why should hire a mold removal service in Virginia.

Mold Growth

Mold and mildew grow and spread very quickly, especially if space is dark and damp. Disturbing mold and mildew can release their spores into the air and can spread mold and mildew in other places of your home or office. Even the smallest patch of them can be problematic. In such cases, a mold removal or remedial expert will get rid of mold growth without it Continue reading →

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Reasons Why Winters Are More Prone To Basement Leakage

Although, there can be any event or cause that can lead to basement leakage, but, many homeowners have stated that winter is the season where they face a lot of discomfort due to the massive leakage in their house’s basement. On the contrary, rainy season is another bluder for inconvenience and concern-driven. More importantly, the leakage not only takes your precious time but also cost you with heavy payments from your pocket.

Apart from rainy season, winter is another season of reason that brings moisture. You can notice that your home is surrounded by snow can occur moisture. And, moisture is something that is leakage-prone. Whatever the season you come across, it is important to keep a regular check-in to prevent the leakage.
Here are some of the reasons that can be responsible for basement leakage in winters.

1. Cracked floor and walls
Basement cracks in wall and floors are the most centric place from where water can pass through. As winter are moisturized, cracks can be formed by accumulated moisture in soil. The problem can be cured by conducting regular practice to prevent the same. Though, the nature will leave its sign, in such case, professionals are a great help to emit the crack forever.

2. Improper drainage system
One of the common reasons, it is your improper conduction Continue reading →

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Top 5 Causes Of Foundation Crack In DC

All of us know that foundation is the prominent part of the house to ensure the strength and solidity. Foundation is the important aspect that holds up every part of the house.  Not only ensures durability of the house but also provides beautiful structure to the house. Unfortunately, just by some causes, it gets cracked which is a threat as well as looks ugly.

You will notice many signs such as cracks along walls, doors and windows, slanted chimney, bowed walls, mold, moisturization and many many more. Generally, you tend to overlook theses signs maybe tight-scheduled work and other priorities. But, inspecting your house should be the first of all because it is your ultimate destination.

However, if you are not able to detect those leading causes of crack, then you need to read below factors:

1. Water
The very obvious and biggest threat to your foundation is water. Mainly, the water pressure is responsible for foundation crack. There are two water pressure types, upward water pressure is known as hydrostatic pressure and inward pressure is lateral pressure against the foundation wall. For instance, excess water in soil enclosed with your foundation generates swelling against the wall that ultimately cause cracking. Poor roof drainage and plumbing leaks can be the reason of excess water.

2. Soil type
Type of Continue reading →

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What Are The Main Causes Of Basement Leakage

A leaky basement can be a common problem that most households face but can be equally irritable when not treated timely. Also, many homeowners ignore deadly source of bad instincts that is a wrong gesture towards it. If you are one of those, then, you need to rethink about such bad habit. When your basement starts leaking, it is the clear sign to bring hazardous diseases in your house. So, it is better to keep investigating your house’s basement and if needs any repair, make it happen soon as possible.

When talking about leaky basement, you need to know the causes that you unknowingly create or occurs itself to build a leakage in your basement. Once, you are successful in recognizing the problem, you can easily treat that damage( if treatable on your own) ora professional assistance is the better idea.

Here are some of the causes of leaky basement that you might find difficult to find on your own, this article will help you recognize easily.

1. Heavy rainfall
If your house is not been properly waterproofed, rainfall can be a big threat for a basement to be leaked. The leakage is more prone to older houses. Even a newly built house can come across such problem when it does not have a proper drainage system to through water Continue reading →

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What Are The Common Myths About Foundation Repair

Knowing that your home has a severe foundation damage can be a scary experience for most of the homeowners. However, at AA Action Waterproofing, our experts operate under the principle that resident or business foundation repair does not have to be at all expensive or difficult.

Unfortunately, there are several myths about the foundation repair process and in reality, this process is not as expensive, scary or invasive as it may seem. Today, let’s debunk a few common myths people may have heard about foundation repair and damage.

Any contractor is qualified for foundation repair
The one of the most common myths related to foundation repair is that any contractor you find in the phone book or online can easily handle the job. There are many untrustworthy people in repair sector, many of them are frauds, so keep price aside when looking for a contractor. In reality, the best way to find a good contractor is do a deep research and find a company that specializes in foundation repair. You should also look for reviews, certifications and other essential information.

It is extremely costly
This kind of myth is very common to many major resident repair jobs, than foundation repair. Depending on what type of repair is needed, foundation repairs can be extremely expensive. The actual cost of repair differs Continue reading →

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5 Key Signs you have Mold in your Home

The worst nightmare for a person  is the presence of mold in his/her home. Mold is the worst enemy for any homeowner. Mold is not always easy to find as it is not visible. It can grow and get spread all your home without being visible and is the only reason behind numerous serious health issues. And what makes the situation more worse is that when mold get their food source, they settles down and multiply fast.
The pungent smell of mold and its dark appearance is the least of the worries. High levels of mold can cause health problems such as sneezing, headaches, respiratory issues among more. It is not easy to tell whether you have mold in your home or not, you could even be living with these infestations for years before discovering it.

Here are some of the common signs that indicates that you have mold in your home.

1. Water Spots and Stains
Have you noticed a yellowish or other colored stain on your doorways, walls and floors? Notice any weird condensation on the windows? Are your window frames all right? All these signs indicates that you have severe water damage on the interior structure of your building. There are varieties of mold that you cannot even identify based on size, color or shape. Toxin molds Continue reading →

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4 Reasons Why You Need Basement Waterproofing

Every homeowner can relate to the fact that how a leaky basement is troublesome and getting rid of this may take a lot of effort. That is why we here at AA Action Waterproofing believe that basement health should be the priority for every homeowner. We specializes in brick sealing, waterproofing and basement crack repair. We understand the long-term harm of these dangerous signs which can be the reason for insect infestation, mold and structural damage in foundation.

It is essential to inspect your house regularly so that those dangerous signs could not occur which can damage the base and strength of your house. However, if you overlooked inspecting your house, you may need basement waterproofing.

Basement Waterproofing

Here are the 4 reasons why you need basement waterproofing.

1. For Damp Remove
Basement waterproofing is essential to remove the damp which you can notice at different places of your house. Generally, the damp occurs through the penetration of water into the concrete and walls. A damp weaken the basement strength and durability. Mostly, you can notice the damp on the floor, wall and puddle which accumulates in your basement. Also, damp can be the result of growing efflorescence which is a white chalky mineral.  If you notice these signs, you should not ignore it or rather take help from the professional to Continue reading →

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6 Warning Signs you need Foundation Repair

If you are buying or selling a new home, or have been settled in for a while, it is essential to know about possible signs of foundation problems. Repairing the foundation can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for people who are not aware of the basics. If left ignored a settled or shifted foundation can cause big problems across other parts of your home. At Action Waterproofing, we believe that necessary measures will definitely save you from daily headaches due to expensive foundation repair. Early detection of these problems will save you you money and time in long run.

Here are 6 critical  signs that suggest your home or building may need foundation repair.  

1. Poor Water Drainage
Poor water drainage can be a leading cause of foundation problem. So, it is very important to notice drainage problems you may have. In order to inspect or check out drainage problems, you must regularly check around your home or commercial surroundings for wet soil (if there is no rain recently) or, dry soil (if rain has fallen).

2. Visible Cracks
Any visible cracks in the exterior or interior walls of your property are another common sign that you need a foundation repair. Inspect regularly your building or home for visible formations of cracks in interior or exterior walls. Drywall, plaster Continue reading →

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Everything You Need To Know About Clogged Gutters And How Does It Affect Your Basement

You often notice in your basement that there is always a mold and moisture which not only give an ugly look but also weaken the wall and basement. This needs to be checked and repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring these signs can occur many other problems that can lead you with a high cost and expense. The clogged gutters plays the main role in growing these problems. AA Action Waterproofing have been continuously delivering the effective results to get rid of the clogged gutters. Also, this article will help you to know how clogged gutters are damaging your house’s basement and weakening it day by day.

Why does your house need a Gutter?

The main use of the gutter is to collect the rainwater and channel it to suspend and get away from your house. This way, it can be helpful in maintaining the dryness to get rid of the mold and moisture from your house. The better functionality of the gutter play a vital role in order to give you a safe and beautiful house. This is a significant aspect in your house to throw the excess water from your foundation or basement. The proper maintenance and care of the gutter will deduct the possibility of clogging so that your basement can be the strongest grip of your Continue reading →

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