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Basement waterproofing is definitely a task that can be overwhelming, time-consuming and sometimes could be a money consuming task too. It is not a DIY task but requires professional help. You can approach Basement Waterproofing Virginia for the smooth execution of this task. On the bright side, it can increase your home resale value and once done properly – the flooding, leaking, stinking problems will be alleviated. Basically, there are two types of basement waterproofing – interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing.

Interior waterproofing can be a DIY (Do It Yourself) process as it includes small projects such as;  filling small cracks, applying anti-mold paint, and other small maintenance tasks. 

Exterior waterproofing includes installing footer drains, which runs deep beneath your foundation. This is a really tough task and can cost you double if mistakes happen during DIY.

The first mistake that homeowners commit is before understanding the severity of the problem. They start doing-it-themselves and most of the time, it goes ridiculously wrong and money gets wasted. So we advise you to always call for professionals like Basement Waterproofing Virginia, who will inspect the basement first and then give you a cost estimate.

Homeowners that try to waterproof their basement themselves, most of the time end up in a vulnerable situation. We recommend you to get proper help and then if it suits you – get your hands dirty. Doing It Yourself can fix the problem for some time but will keep stalking you for years.

The second common mistake is hiring unsuitable or incapable contractors for the job. Truth be told, there are many contractors or agencies in the market for waterproofing basements, and most of them speak highly of their services but deliver valueless work. Most of these may be honest but some of them are vultures just looking to make a buck. You really don’t want to fall on that side of the ball. According to surveys, 93% of all water damages can be tackled if you contacted the right waterproofing contractors like basement waterproofing Virginia.

For example, your basement flooding problem could have been solved with internal wall coatings, through paint and other internal waterproofing methods. The professionals may advise for the installation of footer drains and other external waterproofing methods to earn extra commission from you. 

We don’t suggest that it’s always like that but sometimes waterproofing needs to be done at a deeper level too.

We recommend you first do thorough research by asking for free quotes from companies and inquire about their ways of handling this scenario. Every company will tell you the waterproofing need level, what approach they will follow, how much it will cost you etc. After this research, you can select the company that matches your budget and who’s keen on solving your problem.

Finally, the third mistake could be to wait too long before taking action. Yes, waiting too long before seeking out for help is one of the common mistakes homeowners commit. Either it’s from flooding that has breached the water in or from a little condensation, mold in basements can start growing in about 24 hours after exposure to moisture.

Waiting, ignoring, or either doing minor fixes to the problem could actually cost you much more than it would have cost at the initial stage.

Waterproofing your basement is not only good in terms of investment but beneficial for your home safety. Choosing an honest contractor and doing things with professionals would prove to be a wise decision.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on January, 27, 2020