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Foundation Cracks… What measures should you take if you notice them?

Our houses are built on a foundation and, without a doubt, need a strong foundation. Foundation is what supports a home, or can be called the base on which the entire building stands. There are different types of foundations for a house, and each house has a different type of foundation. 

Today, what we are going to discuss is that no matter how strong the foundation, there is a possibility it might get damaged due to different reasons. 

Why should you be concerned about that? Because your entire house will be affected if the damage turns severe. The reasons for the crack could be geography, temperature, or architecture. These damages can often be noticed from our naked eyes in the form of a crack. 

Ever noticed all those aesthetic cracks in your basements, below the windowpane or at the edge of your door? We are sorry to say that the aesthetic cracks are not serving you any good for the house. What you should understand further is that these cracks are alarms—an alarm for destruction waiting to happen. 

What is a foundation crack? 

As mentioned above, foundation cracks are damage to the foundation of your house. There are different types of foundation cracks, and you can identify them based on their appearance. For instance, there is horizontal, vertical, and diagonal foundational crack. The name itself is pictorial enough to remind you of something similar in your own house, isn’t it? 

What triggers the damage is not unknown; you must understand that it’s natural for the house to undergo foundational damage as it gets old. In places like Virginia, the soil happens to be very dry, due to it being sandy. Therefore, there are high chances that the foundation will shrink where the land is parched, and the foundational wall will get damaged due to shrinkage. 

In other places, naturally moist soil, tree’s root, other sources that are moistening the soil, etc. can be blamed for foundation cracks. As we know, with time, the soil absorbs water, and that leads to an increase in its volume. The concrete that the foundation is made of is nonexpendable. Thus, when the volume of the soil increases or decreases, your foundation is forced to crack. Therefore, you need to look for the qualities foundation crack repair in  Virginia firms are offering. This will save you time and house for good. 

What are the suggestive measures to fix foundational cracks?

To fix the problem, you must be intelligent enough to identify it. Apart from the visible cracks, other ways can alarm you of any foundational damage. These alarms can vary from tiniest of bugs to yucky damp smell in your basement or crawl space. What else you can do is measure the cracks every day to see if it’s increasing and alarming you of something big for the future? 

Fixing foundation crack is very important as when you ignore it, you are inviting insects to your house that will carry several diseases and other problems with them. The dampness can cause the breeding of mold and other similar allergens. Lastly, you are also leading your home to collapse and get done with it for real. When you are done identifying the damage, the time has come to seek a professional for the same. If left untreated, many other problems can come up for you and your house. As an intelligent homeowner, you should perhaps look after your investment by choosing the best service and care provider. 


As we have mentioned above, places like Virginia need to get past the problem of foundation crack due to the dry soil. Therefore, there are significant concerns for foundation crack repair in Virginia daily. For a solution for foundation crack repair Virginia and in similar places, you should most preferably seek a trustful company like A action waterproofing, to save you from the upcoming and all the future damages. Thus, contact your waterproofing and foundation crack repair service provider today if you are facing major blunders in the foundation of your house. 

Good luck!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on May, 04, 2020