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All you need to know about Crawl Space Waterproofing

To combat the warm and humid conditions, many homes in the Mid-Atlantic region are built with crawl space foundations. In simpler terms, the crawl space can be considered as a shallow basement area constructed beneath the house. This is an integral part of the home as it raises the structure off the ground. It facilitates proper air circulation and provides enough space for fixing electrical and plumbing issues.

Similar to parts of your home, the crawl space has its purpose. It provides structural integrity and adds value to your home. But inevitable design failures can damage the house internally and water leakage is one of the most common causes of concern . Water leakage in crawl space can make your home vulnerable to various health and safety hazards. 

But what if with a little knowledge in hand, you can make your crawl space a better place, free from moisture and the possibility of leakage? Well, the remedy to all your problems is reaching out to a crawl space waterproofing service in Maryland. 

Waterproofing your crawl space can help you create a healthy and safe environment. It can help you ward off all potential issues and causes of waterlogging in your space. 

The common signs indicating immediate need of waterproofing in the crawl space are 

  • standing water, 
  • wet soil, and 
  • floor dirt. 

How poor waterproofing affects your home environment?

Insufficient or poor waterproofing in your crawl space can result in excessive moisture and would weaken the foundation of the home. This damp basement can further lead to the growth of mold and rot, which eventually, with time, tends to weaken the floor joints. This unwanted moisture buildup also promotes the growth of pests and termites. Moreover, it also contaminates the air quality at home. A waterlogged crawl space leads to several health problems sooner or later, the air from the crawl space makes its way towards the other rooms. Keeping all this in mind, water seepage should be avoided in the area at any cost. 

What can lead to dampness in the crawl space? 

The possible reasons that promote the growth of moisture in the crawl space are:

  • Inward slope towards building that leads to the collection of surface water from rain into the basement. 
  • Percolation of water into walls due to flowers and plant beds located in the proximity of the basement. 
  • Downspouts near walls provide a way for the water from entering the basement area. 
  • Groundwater intrusion due to rise in the water table.  

Solutions to the problem

 If a large quantity of water is finding its way through crawl space, then sealing cracks or installing vapor barriers won’t suffice the needs. It would help if you found a long term fix. If you frequently face the problem of waterlogging, then consider a French Drain system – an effective crawl space waterproofing solution in Maryland. 

French Drain

A French drain, also known as perimeter drain, is a technique used for removing a large amount of water from the basement. A French drain system uses a sump pump to drain out the water automatically. It uses a hose so that the water is evacuated to distant areas likely to be situated far away from home. Post this, plastic liners can be installed for preventing further moisture ingression. 

Consider Crawl Space Waterproofing in Maryland for a healthy home living condition.

Finally, it’s a good idea to seek assistance from AA Action waterproofing in the DC and Baltimore Metro areas as your experts. This is because securing a moisture-free space is essential to healthy living conditions. With the waterproofing done right, you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your home. You can inhibit the entry of mold, pests, and dampness in clean and dry crawl space.

This entry was posted in Waterproofing on February, 25, 2020