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Causes For Foundation Cracks and Why Should You Fix It ASAP

The foundation is one of the most important parts of your house. It supports your entire house, which is why you should ensure that it is in a healthy state.

In the busyness of modern life, people may overlook small foundation cracks, much to their later regret. Foundation cracks are only the beginning and they can cause a series of problems if not repaired in time.

There are multiple companies offering foundation repairs. Companies offering Foundation Repair in Virginia understand that choosing the right one for the foundation repair of your home can be a challenge. To start, look for a company that has years of experience and good reputation in the industry. Before we begin explaining why repairing these foundation cracks is important, let’s go over the primary causes of these cracks.

Top Causes For Foundation Cracks

  • Poor Construction

Before the foundation of your house is laid, the ground is prepared through soil testing, compacting the soil, and designing a strong footing. One of the primary reasons for foundation cracks is poor construction during this stage. It’s easy to skip a step or overlook part of the ground preparation process.

  • Natural Causes

Foundation cracks of your house can also result from natural causes such as soil expansion, earthquakes, flood, and others. For instance, the melting of snow after heavy snowfall can cause foundation cracks in your home. The topography and quality of soil also affect the appearance of these foundation cracks.

  • Improper Drainage

One of the prominent causes of foundation cracks is improper sewage system and leaking pipes. The hydrostatic pressure built from standing water from these leakages and an inadequate drainage system may cause foundation cracks in your house.

Why Foundation Repair?

  • Structural Strength

A minor foundation crack has the potential cause huge structural damages to your house. It weakens the base of your house and increases the chances of damage after a natural disaster.  Foundation repair increases the overall strength of your house and makes it more stable.

  • Protect Your Basement

It doesn’t matter the reason behind the crack in your house’s foundation – bad weather or poor construction. A foundation crack directs water in your basement and can potentially cause mold or fungus. This makes your basement inhabitable and also can also damage the possessions you have stored in your basement. 

  • Enhanced Asset Value

People invest a lot – sometimes their life savings –  into buying a house. Therefore, it only makes sense to want to maintain its market value over the long term. Despite regular maintenance, the functionality of your house will impact its overall asset value. Foundation repair will increase the asset value of your house and will save you from paying repair costs for other structural damages too! 

Why Us?

There are many benefits to foundation repairs. As mentioned above, choosing the right company for the foundation repair of your house is crucial. AA Action Waterproofing has 28 years of experience offering foundation repair in Virginia and offers other services, too, such as mold remediation, basement waterproofing, and much more. Call at 888-922-5517 or fill out this form to get a free estimate today!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on June, 27, 2019