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If you think that as long as you are using quality structural supplies, there is no danger to your home’s foundation for at least the next 3-5 decades, then you are highly mistaken. While there is no doubt that using the right products of high quality can surely strengthen your house’s foundation, there are external factors that can significantly impact the structural integrity of the house to a severe extent, such as soil erosion. 

While soil erosion is a common phenomenon, wherein the topsoil gets eroded due to natural or man-made factors. It has a devastating effect on the structures and objects that need their support to stand and survive. For example: When it rains, water tends to pool around the house. This is especially true if you do not have a functional drainer system. As the water starts to seep into the ground in the direction of gravity, it starts to saturate. It drives the water towards the soil present around the foundation downhill, forming small puddles of water. 

This stagnant water will gradually wash off all the material and soil from the foundation, leading to cracks, through which they will seep in and damage the foundation with the continuous contraction and expansion of the concrete and water. Once the foundation is compromised, your entire house, right from walls, ceiling, roofing, plumbing, and electrical system, is under grave risk of collapsing any minute.

Now the question arises, how do we prevent soil erosion from degrading the foundation of our home?


Don’t go for just any drainage system, install a french drain. Why? Because it is one of the most effective ways of directing water away from the foundation. A French drain is a trench that contains a bore-through pipe, surrounded by gravel through which the water gets in. This helps in minimizing the possibility of a water puddle forming around the foundation and subsequent soil erosion. 


The water needs to be disposed at a maximum distance from the foundation, and installing gutters with well-placed downspouts can be of utmost help in preventing damage to the foundation.  Inspect your soil to better understand the distance that would work best for positioning the downspout and then get it installed. Gutters minimize the probability of reducing soil erosion in your home and prevent the home from any basement or foundation damage. 


Grading refers to how your soil is placed and arranged around the foundation of your home. It is important the soil is properly graded and sloped so that it prevents water pooling around the foundation so that the dry soil can soak up sufficient water. A well-landscaped solid will minimize the risk of topsoil erosion, thereby preventing foundation damage.


If you notice any signs of foundation damage such as cracks in walls, floors, tiles or uneven flooring – don’t wait for a catastrophe to happen! We strongly suggest you reach out to a professional foundation repair service for a free estimate to determine the exact condition and repair requirements of the home. 

While these tips can surely help prevent your foundation from any further damage, a wiser and profitable choice would be to consult a Foundation Crack Repair Service in Virginia like AA Action Waterproofing. With close to three decades of experience successfully repairing foundation and basement problems. Our team of certified and licensed technicians will ensure your home is safe and secure from any structural problems due to moisture, mold or any underlying prevalent cause. 

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This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on November, 25, 2019