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What To Do With A Flooded Basement

A flooded basement can be a nightmare. Handling this situation can be stressful as well as jeopardize the foundation of your house. Is this a recurring problem? Are you unsure how to tackle it wisely without spending an arm and a leg? Are you concerned that your basement repair won’t be completed in time? To help you answer these questions, we have listed some ways you can make sure your basement never floods again.

Shut off the power and remove all your belongings from the basement

The first step to take when you suspect a leaking basement is to make sure it is safe for you to enter and assess the damage. A flooded basement can do much more than property damage. To make sure it doesn’t pose a threat to your health or that of your family members, shut off the power, especially if any of your electrical sources are located in your basement. If you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, call an electrician. Next, salvage what you can by removing your belongings from the basement so that you can better assess the damage and the source of the problem.

Try to detect the source and cut off the water supply for that particular source

After you have removed all of your stuff from the basement, your next step should be to make sure that the water level doesn’t rise any higher, so try to detect the source of the leak and cut off the water supply for that particular source. Most basement waterproofing companies in DC believe it is a smart decision to make because even if you are not able to cut off the supply, at least you can easily point out the leak’s source to the contractor as soon as they arrive.

Hire professional help

Your third step should be to hire professional services from Basement Waterproofing Companies in DC to get rid of the problem. We at AA Action Waterproofing are among the most experienced basement waterproofing contractors in DC. Leave all your worries to us and you’ll have a brand new basement in no time!

See if there are potential problem areas that need to be corrected

Last but not least, make sure you waterproof your basement with the help of experienced professionals. We take pride in delivering top-quality services to ensure your basement never floods again. We will give your basement a total makeover. Our basement waterproofing contractors in DC provide appointment-based FREE foundation repair estimates. They will always arrive right on time to check for the problem and offer you a written estimate.

Why AA Action Waterproofing?

AA Action Waterproofing is a family-operated business with almost 3 decades of experience. We offer repair services, waterproofing, foundation crack repair, and mold removal services. We have been serving Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, PA, NJ & DE with honesty and integrity. We look forward to hearing from you soon. To get in touch with us, please call us on 888-922-5517 or email us on aaactionis@gmail.com.

This entry was posted in Basement on May, 30, 2019