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East Coast Home Improvements – Home Safety

East Coast Home Improvements - Home SafetyHomes along the east coast can range greatly in their architectural styles. This includes historical homes that have been renovated for modern use, but it can also include newer construction and houses that are just being built. For homeowners of any design, it can be important to include preventive measures when making any sort of changes to the living space.


Improvements For Safety

Renovations and major structural improvements can be a wise consideration for homeowners with expanding families and lifestyle needs, and with the desire to ultimately increase the value of the property. While cosmetic and aesthetic additions can also improve functionality for residents, these changes may pale in comparison to the cost of repairs for damages incurred by basement flooding. This can also make it vitally important to pro-actively address conditions that could negate all the work and efforts that went into initial improvements.

Whether a home is just being built, or is being extensively remodeled, a focus on the stability and structural integrity of the foundation is a key point for maintaining the new home. Although the foundation practically acts as the basis for the home’s stability, it is also essentially the major barrier to environmental variables that can impact home safety.

While cracks and weakness in the foundation can undermine the structure of the home, it can also lead to a slow decay from within, especially if leaks and flooding are a common problem. New construction can take preventive measures through pre-sealants and concrete additives for basement waterproofing, but design additions for drainage can also set the basis for comfort and safety.

During the process of a remodel, parts of the foundation are often exposed, and this also presents an ideal opportunity to incorporate preventive measures for basement waterproofing into the actual re-design of the home. While this can also include drainage remediation, it can also be as basic as:

  • Reinforcing the foundation
  • Filling external cracks
  • Using internal sealants and patches to prevent further damage

Depending on the condition of the existing foundation, different measures may be used to promote safety.

By contacting AA Action Waterproofing before starting new construction or a remodel, homeowners can also take proactive steps to ensure that the longevity of the home is not compromised by water damage from basement leaks and flooding. Taking this action today can mean lower expenses in the future.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on June, 30, 2015