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Why DIY Basement Flooding Repair Is Not Always Effective

Why DIY Is Not Always The Most Effective Solution To Basement FloodingIn Maryland, many residents can find moisture levels in the basement seem to rise in the summer. While this is often evidenced by condensation on the walls and a somewhat musty odor that could indicate mold, there may also be times when standing water on the basement floor can appear overnight. Are you thinking of implementing a DIY basement flooding repair by youreself? Read on to find out why you should leave this task to a professional.

Although high condensation in the basement can certainly lead to puddles and property damage, actually seepage can also impact the safety of the home and lead to basement flooding. In many cases, occurrences of moisture and basement flooding can actually be seasonal, especially when changes in weather patterns can affect how water flows around the property.


Basic Modifications And Inspections

While homeowners can certainly take steps to lessen to possible damage that moisture in the basement can have, it can also be necessary to fully understand how the water is getting in, before attempting to make corrections.

As an example, higher levels of condensation in the summer time can lead to moisture droplets running down the wall and resulting in small scale basement flooding. For this cause of basement flooding, the use of a dehumidifier and industrial drying fans can be appropriate, but small and intermittent amounts of standing water in the basement can also have other causes, and this is where DIY can become a detriment.

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Poor seals around basement windows
  • Outdoor window wells that leak
  • Plumbing failures
  • Overly porous concrete for the foundation

All of these factors can also lead to intermittent basement flooding, but the difference is that these other variables can also lead to a full basement flood very quickly. This also means that the use of electrical equipment for remediation can quickly become ineffective and even dangerous.

Homeowners are always encouraged to seek professional help for basement flooding. At AA Action Waterproofing, our knowledgeable technicians can uncover the actual cause for your basement moisture, and take the right steps in finding a solution that can also prevent recurrence and rising costs of damages.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on June, 29, 2015