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There’s A Crack In The Basement. Should I Be Worried?

There's A Crack In My Basement. Should I Be Worried?If you notice cracks in your basement walls or floor, don’t just ignore them. A lot of people will tell you that cracks in your basement concrete are nothing more than a normal sign of routine wear and tear. This is not necessarily true. Others might tell you that these cracks add character to a home, much like laugh lines around a person’s eyes and mouth add character to a face. This is a pretty analogy, but as far as descriptions go it’s actually pretty inadequate.

The cracks in your basement walls and floors have little in common with the laugh lines that your face collects over time. Laugh lines are a sign of a life well lived, but cracks in your basement are a sign that your basement foundation is under considerable stress. These cracks don’t just appear for no reason, and they aren’t necessarily a normal part of your home’s aging process. Instead, cracks in the walls and floor of your basement are a response to something that is happening on the other side of your wall or floor. Without knowing just what this something may be, you can’t be sure whether the cracks are actually signs of a serious underlying problem affecting your home.

In fact, the best way to view any cracks that might show up in the walls or floor of your basement is that your home is trying to tell you something important. Cracks in your basement are like a cry for help. They are a sign that something is wrong, and to ignore such signs is quite risky. In fact, even hairline cracks require immediate attention. If you ignore cracks, large or small, you risk running into pricey repairs later on down the road.

If you notice cracks in your basement walls or floor, call AA Action Waterproofing to help you figure out what’s causing them and determine the best means of repairing them in an effective and affordable manner.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair, Structural Damage on November, 26, 2015