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3 Ways To Check A House’s Health For Mold

3 Ways To Check A House’s HealthWhen you’re buying a new home, you’re putting money into what is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make – at least aside from any other homes you will or have already purchased. And because buying a home is so important, it’s just as important to make sure that the building is in exactly the condition that the homeowner and the real estate agent promise. If you’re in the market and looking at old houses, here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if the structural integrity is lacking:

1. Is The Floor Uneven?

Some settling is bound to occur over the course of several decades, but then again it may be an indication that the foundation has cracked in a significant way and now two different sections are moving in two different directions. An uneven floor isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it definitely deserves a follow-up examination by a qualified professional.

2. Does The Ground Slope Towards Or Away From The Walls?

This can be hard to catch, especially if you’re just visiting during an open house, but if the ground around the edge of the house slopes toward the walls, whether it’s thanks to settling, because of a garden, or due to recent landscaping, having the ground slope towards the house can spell bad news for the foundation. Concrete can take a lot of damage from water in a surprisingly short amount of time, and the last thing you want to see damaged is a building’s foundation.

3. Are There Mud Tunnels On The Basement Walls?

Mud tunnels are a classic indicator of termites, one of the worst things that can happen to a house. If you crack one open you may discover a line of pale white termites marching by, but even if you don’t the termites could simply have moved on to a new part of the house.

If you live in or near the state of Maryland and you need an expert’s help either to fix your home before you sell it, examine a house before you buy it, or else repair a home with a problem you’ve recently discovered, give AA Action Waterproofing a call. We’ve been in the industry of waterproofing and foundation repair for over 27 years, and in all that time we’ve never come across a problem we couldn’t identify and fix.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on November, 25, 2015