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The Droughts Before The Flood

The Droughts Before The FloodAs the Maryland area is already experiencing an early indication of the heat that is to come over the rest of the summer, many residents are more greatly focused on keeping properties and lawns hydrated. However, while making sure that there is plenty of water during our drought spells can be the immediate concern, other issues that overheating and over drying of the earth can bring should also be on homeowner’s minds.

Cause And Effect

At AA Action Waterproofing, we know that a basement flood is the last thing on a person’s mind when the skies are clear and the air is sweltering. The problem is that this is actually the perfect time to take pre-emptive measures against basement flooding for several reasons:

• Lowered cost in prevention versus repairs and property replacement
• Dryer conditions can lead to better curing for sealants
• Leaks which are present when it is dry can be highly indicative of future problems
• Basement waterproofing in the summer can avoid emergency situations later

Beyond just a better ability to perform the necessary services that can provide basement waterproofing to any home, residents should also be aware that hot and dry conditions can actually impact the foundation and become a cause of later flooding. Two main reasons tend to lead to this eventuality:

• Faulty building materials in the foundation can deteriorate more quickly under heat and UV rays
• Over drying of the soil can lead to shifts in the earth, and this can also cause pressure and stress fractures in the foundation

In this respect, while a drought may seem contrary to the cause of basement flooding, it can actually be much more causative.

After The Sun Is Gone

Another important point for Maryland residents to consider with the hotter weather this summer is that it can also mean a greater amount of precipitation through the fall and winter. As an ecological cycle, this is very common, as it is also the manner in which the environment re-establishes balance. However, before this harmony is restored, Maryland residents could find themselves with a flood in their basement.

This can also make it vitally important to consider early preventive measures in basement waterproofing, since the eventuality of seepage or flooding is present, even if the timing is unknown. Contacting AA Action Waterproofing while the weather is still calm can also mean that late season storms are nothing to worry about.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair on August, 11, 2015