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Taking Care Of Unfinished Basement

Taking Care Of Unfinished BusinessHouses along the East Coast can differ quite greatly, even within a specific region. At AA Action Waterproofing, we often find that some of the worst water damage to home and property can come from these differences in construction, and also how aware homeowners are of the dangers this can present.

For many Maryland residents, an unfinished basement simply means one that is solely the concrete foundation, without any living area accommodations such as:

• Drywall
• Actual flooring
• Better insulation and heating
• Electrical outlets for functionality

However, while this may be considered an unfinished basement, it is an actual concrete slab and foundation, which means that it can provide better protection from flooding, and easier measures to facilitate waterproofing the area.

A Hole In The Ground

In other cases, older and historical homes may still have true unfinished basements, which are essentially an earthen area for cold storage. While some of these traditional structures will include steps and access from within the home, other earthen basements can have outside access, with a wooden foundation for the home sitting above this area and essentially creating a crawlspace.

Regardless of whether these cold storage basements or crawlspaces are accessed on a regular basis, they can still present a prime concern for moisture in the basement, flooding issues, and structural damage that can happen from uncontrolled mold growth.

While it is understandable that not all homeowners may want to invest in actually modernizing earthen basements, it can still be important to consider waterproofing and encapsulation for this part of the home as well as for crawl spaces. While the accumulation of water may or may not directly impact the home, it can still have catastrophic consequences:

• Structural collapse, especially with dirt basements and no slab
• Air quality issues from mold growth
• Attraction of vermin to the standing water
• Creation of an environment that is conducive to termites and other harmful pests

Although the basement may still be considered “unfinished”, encapsulation for crawl spaces and other problem areas can alleviate the long-term hazards. Contact AA Action Waterproofing today, and make sure that your home is as secure as it can be against moisture and flooding.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair on August, 05, 2015