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6 Telltale Signs that you Need Foundation Repair

Your worst fear… do you need foundation repair?
As a homeowner regular home maintenance is important to keep your home
safe and sound.  Part of the job includes inspecting your home regularly
to see if it’s showing any signs of wear and tear.  One serious issue that
homeowners worry about is getting a crack in their foundation. But how would you know if
you see signs you need foundation repair?
Here are some signs you need foundation repair to look for.
1) Having trouble opening/closing windows. – Many times if the foundation settles it can
cause a crack that shifts the foundation of the house.  This can cause windows that once
closed and opened easily to get stuck.
2) Seeing cracks on the outside off your home.  Did you spot a new crack in exterior of your home?
If so a foundation crack may be to blame.
3) Seeing a shift in your floors.  Was your once even floor seem like it has a bump or slope to it?
You may need a foundation repair to fix it.
4) Gaps around door, window and garage frames.  If you see a new space, it could be due to a shift
in the foundation or a crack.  Time to have a professional check out your foundation so you can be sure.
5) Moldings don’t fit precisely like they used to.  If once square, perfectly aligned molding and trim
in your home seem off.  It may be a sign that your foundation needs repaired.
6) Separating Wall, Floors, Ceilings. When you look at the edges of your home do they seem like they
are no longer flush?  If so, a foundation shift may be the culprit.
Take a walk around your home to see if you spot these 6 signs that you need foundation repair.
If you are seeing Signs that you Need Foundation Repair, don’t worry.  Call the experts at AA Waterproofing Today!
This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on April, 01, 2017