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5 Signs That Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

Waterproofing of the house is an important feature of keeping your house safe from seepage, molds and other problems caused by water.

A crucial part of your house is the basement but it is also the place which is one the most neglected spaces in the entire house. Basements are basically an extra area underneath your house. This is mostly kept for storage and other purposes. Major damage to your house from water can come from this neglected space.

It becomes very important that you identify the signs of probable water seepage into your basement or else damage done to your house can be irreconcilable. Here are the 5 signs that will help you to know the time of waterproofing your basement.

1. Damp Odor

The basement is not one of the most used parts of the house. It is natural to find a dry dusty smell in it. But if your basement is having a dampened sweaty, smell it may be the first sign of water seepage. The smell is the resultant of mold and mildews in your basement. If not visible also the smell signals the probable growing in some nook or corner. This is your warning bell to bring in basement waterproofing contractors.

2. Crack In The Walls and Floors

Cracks are the most widespread signs that water is getting into your basement. Walls become weak if there is constant water influence on the house. Basement being at the lowest point gets all the dripped water which if not treated slowly makes the basement weak. Even floor seepage creates cracks in the floor making it susceptible to damage. If basement floor and walls are cracking, there is a serious danger to the foundation of your house.

3. Water Lines

Basement windows are small and mostly kept open to keep the basement airy and with light. There is an attached window well drain to it to keep the water away. If there are water lines around this very window chances are high that the drain is clogged and not functioning properly. It is high time to bring in waterproofing contractors if these lines are increasing around your basement window.

4. Molds

Where there is water there are molds. Presence of molds show that the magnitude of damage is high in your basement.  Constant seepage of water leads to growth of molds which not only makes walls ugly but weakens wood and bricks.

Don’t let your basement be the starting point of mold infestation. Waterproofing the basement in such a case becomes of highest priority to save your house as molds spread very quickly from one place to another.

5. Efflorescence

It is basically the white powdery substance you get in the walls and wood when water has seeped in through the walls and is getting deposited as minerals. Efflorescence is not harmful in itself but it is a very pertinent sign of water infiltration into your basement. If you notice this white substance in walls it is actually time for waterproofing your basement.

Heavy torrential rains are a natural feature of south eastern US. Houses here getting damaged by molds, flooding and seepage is a common occurrence. Therefore the need to have a waterproofing contractors in Virginia and other states increases manifolds.

AA action waterproofing are one of the most well known waterproofing experts in Maryland. Basement waterproofing in Maryland is being solved by us on a regular basis. So if your basement is showing the aforementioned signs do not hesitate to contact us and your waterproofing problems will be put to rest forever.  

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on April, 07, 2017