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Should You Seal Your Own Foundation?

Should You Sealing Your Foundation?Do you love doing home repairs and renovations? Lots of people enjoy updating their homes or fixing things around the house—after all, it’s part of being a homeowner! You can add personal touches and make unique changes that will turn your home into a more beautiful and more comfortable place to live.

A lot of projects can be done by a homeowner, DIY-style. Building walls, changing lighting fixtures, reflooring; actually, quite a lot of home-based projects are possible for non-professionals to execute. It takes a bit of research and perhaps some help from friends or family, but the result can look just as great, cost less, and give you some pretty wonderful memories.

Some things, though, are best left to professionals. When it comes to sealing your foundation—which usually refers to applying an exterior waterproofing membrane to the walls of the foundation to keep water out—you’ll definitely want to call someone for help. Why? Well, here are just a few of the reasons.

It’s Extremely Labor-Intensive And Time-Intensive

A professional basement waterproofer who is sealing your foundation will have a team of people who do this for a living. They’ll know the ins and outs and will have no problem working quickly yet efficiently. Even if you consider yourself in great shape, sealing a foundation is no simple task. The first step alone requires digging up any of the ground near the foundation, sometimes as much as eight feet around. This is something that must be done by hand, since it lies next to such a sensitive part of your home.

Additionally, have you thought about when you’re going to do this foundation sealing? It’s a long process that most professionals don’t even attempt on their own, so you could be facing a lot of your valuable time going into this. Most professionals can get it done in a matter of a few days, but on your own and doing it for the first time—as well as on top of everything else you have to do, like work and family time—it will take much, much longer.

You Can’t Just Go To A Hardware Store

Unlike changing your light switches from traditional ones to dimmers, you won’t be able to find everything you need in a hardware store. You’ll need materials that will seal the foundation and not deteriorate over time, and a basement waterproofer will be able to get this easily and for much cheaper than an individual.

No Warranty

Imagine that you do have the time and energy to put into sealing your own foundation. You’ve put everything back in its place, and the next time it rains you can’t believe what you see: more water leaking into the basement.

If this happens with a professional, you simply call and they will work to take care of the problem and ensure that you’re satisfied. If you’ve done it on your own, though, the only person you’ll be able to hold responsible for the problem is yourself. AA Action Waterproofing offers a lifetime warranty on our work, and we are confident that we can help make your Maryland home moisture-free. Contact us at 888-922-5517 today to learn more about your basement waterproofing options.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on June, 09, 2016