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Basement Waterproofing Abingdon

Abingdon is one of the up and coming areas in Harford County, and it’s proving to be a big hit with younger, modern families that are enjoying the schools like William S. James elementary for their children, as well as the easy access to Baltimore, thanks to its Route 7 location. Even if it plays host to a comparatively younger population, the area itself still has hidden historical gems, like Woodside House, which is in the national register of historic places for America. For people looking to start a new life, with a new family, Abingdon is proving to be an easy, desirable destination.

However, Abingdon, like many places throughout Maryland, still has potential environmental hazards or problems that residents need to be aware of. Whether a home is old or new, there is always a chance that a damp, leaky or even flooded basement may be a risk. This is why all responsible homeowners should keep a close eye on their basement, and, if they see any problems, contact an experienced basement waterproofing in Abingdon team to solve the problem.

It’s Only Small At First

Many people have the mistaken notion that a little bit of water in a basement isn’t a big deal. Of course, for people that have hopes of renovation and using that extra space as a finished basement for a game room, children’s room, or “man cave,” any water leaking into the basement is already going to be an expensive proposition. The repairs to carpet, drywall, or even consumer electronics can be potentially, repeatedly expensive because of water regularly re-entering the space.

Even if you don’t plan to finish your basement, and want to leave it as just a laundry room, storage room, or extra workshop, water coming can, depending on the amount, cause big problems. Flooding, of course, is one of the worst kinds of water damage imaginable, and is both extremely costly to repair, as well as a major structural threat to your home. It can even introduce serious health risks. But even water pooling on the floor, or coming through the walls poses hidden threats that can be both expensive and hazardous to health.

How Water Gets In

Without proper basement waterproofing in Abingdon, a home can admit water into the basement in numerous ways. Water will always flow downwards, and, in doing so, will always take the easiest route. This can mean that heavy rainfall and improper drainage on the roof can cause water to sink directly next to the foundation, rather than be directed away as intended. If a home has window wells for the basement windows, this can be another way that water leaks in, if they are not properly treated and sealed.

However, water can also come directly through the walls and even the floor of a basement in a number of ways. If, for example, a house is at the bottom of a hill or some other incline, this naturally positions a home and its basement directly in the path of water running off the hill. Concrete, as solid as it may appear to be, is actually a porous material, so it has tiny spaces within that can admit water, and, if the amount of water is large, it eventually passes through and comes out the other side.

With enough pressure and time, water can also simply break through concrete and crack it. This can happen to both basement walls, and the basement floor if hydrostatic pressure is great enough.

The Impact Is Real

Once water gets into a basement, a number of things can happen based on amount and regularity. If water makes a basement sufficiently damp enough, this gives mold the opportunity it needs to start a colony. Mold infestations are a potentially very serious health threat, with illnesses ranging all the way up to lung infections once people in the household start breathing in all the spores that mold send into the air on a constant basis.

Beyond that, water damage erodes the walls and the floor of a basement, and, if cracks are already occurring, this accelerates the process of damaging the foundation even further, requiring even more expensive, extensive repair. Water in your basement is a symptom of a more serious problem, and it needs to be addressed decisively.

Expert Help

AA Action Waterproofing are experts in basement waterproofing in Abingdon. When you come to us, we can find where the water is coming into your basement, how it’s coming in, and what it means for your home. We can then present you with an action plan that best suits the needs of your home and situation. If you have a damp basement now, with AA Action Waterproofing’s help, we can stop the problem completely before that damp basement has chance to become a flooded basement. And that’s both safer and less expensive for you and your family in the long run.