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4 Spring Home Maintenance Tips to Protect your Home Foundation

Spring is coming!  Soon we will find out whether the Groundhog sees his shadow and if it’s six more weeks of winter or if spring is on it’s way.  It’s Spring Cleaning time! As the weather warms up outside, it’s the perfect time to head outside for some basic home maintenance.

Here’s what to do to protect your home foundation.

1) Walk around your home.  Look outside at the foundation to see if you can spot any cracks. Also do a visual inspection from the basement to look for any cracks that may appear in walls, especially over doorways, windows, or where walls meet ceilings.
2) Gutter time.  Now that the ice and snow is gone, grab a ladder and check your gutters.  Make sure they are clear of leaves and debris.  Also clear any blockage by downspouts.
3. Look for soil grading issues around your home.  Water should be able to drain away from your home.  If the sloping has worn away, water will pool and may seep into your home and cause cracks in the foundation.
4. Pest proof.  If the thought of spiders running up your wall makes your shiver, you may want to pest proof your home from the outside. To prevent outside pests from entering your home, look for cracks and holes on the outside of your home and seal them up.
Performing these Spring Foundation Preventative Maintenance tasks will protect the value of your home and keep it safe from foundation cracks.
Remember, focusing on these spring foundation preventative tasks now will save you time and money in the future. For more information about protecting your home foundation by preventing and repairing foundation cracks, contact us at http://www.mdwaterproofinginc.com/.

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This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on February, 22, 2017