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How to Prevent 5 Biggest Causes of Water Damage in Home

Water Damage IN HOME: The Most Common Causes

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Yet how often to we as homeowners get so busy we overlook small things we could do to prevent costly repairs in our home.  The same is true of water damage in our homes.  There are small things we could do periodically that could save thousands in costly repairs down the road.
Here are the biggest causes of water damage in your home and what to do about them:
1) Oops.  Have you ever started a hot bubble bath only to have a call from your mother and come back to see the tub has overflowed?  Or perhaps you have been surfing the internet only to see that your toddler has turned on the faucet and forgot to turn it off.  It happens to everyone.  When you turn on water, keep a sharp eye that the faucet gets turned off.
2) Keep an eye on washing machine hoses. Over time, most washing machine hoses, even those that are installed properly, will eventually fail, leading to leaks or catastrophic floods caused when the hoses burst. Periodically inspect your washing machine hose to make sure there are no weak spots or kinks in the hose.
3) Leaking Ice Maker Hose. It’s awesome to have an automatic ice maker on your refrigerator.  But it also adds another potential source of water leaks to your home. A leak to your ice maker could cause damage to your home’s drywall, baseboards and cabinetry.
4) Sewer Backups.  Those lovely moist toilet wipes you are using could also end up causing a back up in your sewer that could lead to major water damage.  The same could be said about feminine protection items that are flushed in the toilet.
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This entry was posted in Water Damage on February, 15, 2017