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Hidden Dangers Of A Wet Basement

Hidden Dangers In The WallsTo many people, the dangers of a wet basement generally extend to a worst case scenario. This can include complete flooding and obvious destruction of property, but while standing water in the basement is a definite sign of trouble, excess moisture in the air can also create problems. This becomes especially concerning in basements where there is exposed insulation, or where the area has been finished with drywall and insulation, even though a moisture problem still exists.

While a wet basement and a flooded basement are two different things, they can still lead to the same end results. However, excess moisture is also more likely to be regarded as a DIY aspect of home maintenance, and this can be a precarious stance to take.

But Why Is My Basement Still Wet?

Continuing problems of moisture in the basement are indicative of a larger issue. Some condensation on the concrete walls is not uncommon in unsealed basements that are otherwise sound against flooding, since temperature differentials will facilitate this process of evaporation. The use of a humidifier to remove the moisture from the air can help with this issue, but excessive condensation could be more of a concern.

The truth is that recurrent wetness in the basement tends to have a very direct cause for how the water is coming in. This could include:

• Seepage through the concrete
• Leaks and cracks
• Issues with poor sealant

When moisture in the basement is constant, then it also means that the possibility of a mold outbreak is also fairly strong.

In these cases, a simple humidifier can still help, but greater assistance in basement waterproofing measures may be called for. Further, professional help for consistently wet basements can also involve the need for mold remediation prior to actual waterproofing, and this is also an important factor to consider for safety. By contacting AA Action Waterproofing today, homeowners can take the guesswork out of keeping their basement dry, and know that professional measures for waterproofing will take care of the problem.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair, Structural Damage on July, 30, 2015