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What Are The Common Myths About Foundation Repair

Knowing that your home has a severe foundation damage can be a scary experience for most of the homeowners. However, at AA Action Waterproofing, our experts operate under the principle that resident or business foundation repair does not have to be at all expensive or difficult.

Unfortunately, there are several myths about the foundation repair process and in reality, this process is not as expensive, scary or invasive as it may seem. Today, let’s debunk a few common myths people may have heard about foundation repair and damage.

Any contractor is qualified for foundation repair
The one of the most common myths related to foundation repair is that any contractor you find in the phone book or online can easily handle the job. There are many untrustworthy people in repair sector, many of them are frauds, so keep price aside when looking for a contractor. In reality, the best way to find a good contractor is do a deep research and find a company that specializes in foundation repair. You should also look for reviews, certifications and other essential information.

It is extremely costly
This kind of myth is very common to many major resident repair jobs, than foundation repair. Depending on what type of repair is needed, foundation repairs can be extremely expensive. The actual cost of repair differs depending on the main cause why repair is needed.  Most of the foundation repair only requires an affordable injection of polyurethane, just to keep water out. Fixing minor issues like this now prevent that scary nightmare estimate down the road.

It requires excavation
This is not true. Excavation is costly and can also damage a good looking lawn too. Some foundation repair sometimes require excavation, but other repair provide less damage to your landscape. This process depends on the particular foundation repair problem.

Pressure grouting is not necessary
This one is just a plain myth that you may hear from many repair companies. Also known as mud pumping, pressure grouting is essential to do a proper job. Skipping pressure grouting can cause the risk of slab cracking which can be more costly to deal with for most homeowners. While few companies may not offer this critical service, those serious about the business have all necessary equipments available to offer the service.

Home buyers are scared off by foundation repair
When someone sell a home, they are usually required by legal laws to tell buyers of any work that has been done. This work also include the foundation repair, but there is no reason to get worried about this repair.  Experienced homeowners are aware that a foundation repair is most likely that they do not have repair it in the coming time.

These are some of the common myths people still have about foundation repair. So, it’s better to pick up your foundation repair experts carefully and ensure he/she is experienced and reliable. Looking for foundation repair ? contact AA Action Waterproofing right away!

This entry was posted in Blog, Foundation Repair on January, 19, 2018