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What Are The Main Causes Of Basement Leakage

A leaky basement can be a common problem that most households face but can be equally irritable when not treated timely. Also, many homeowners ignore deadly source of bad instincts that is a wrong gesture towards it. If you are one of those, then, you need to rethink about such bad habit. When your basement starts leaking, it is the clear sign to bring hazardous diseases in your house. So, it is better to keep investigating your house’s basement and if needs any repair, make it happen soon as possible.

When talking about leaky basement, you need to know the causes that you unknowingly create or occurs itself to build a leakage in your basement. Once, you are successful in recognizing the problem, you can easily treat that damage( if treatable on your own) ora professional assistance is the better idea.

Here are some of the causes of leaky basement that you might find difficult to find on your own, this article will help you recognize easily.

1. Heavy rainfall
If your house is not been properly waterproofed, rainfall can be a big threat for a basement to be leaked. The leakage is more prone to older houses. Even a newly built house can come across such problem when it does not have a proper drainage system to through water out. This common cause can be abolished by regular cleaning of gutters and also a perfectly built slope can be helpful throwing water away from the house.

2. Cracks in window and doors
Another cause of leaky basement can be those visible cracks in and around the windows and doors. If you are not giving a proper attention to these cracks, then they can take even a broader shape in future that can bring your more trouble and difficult to treat. So, it is important to keep on investigating these damages on a regular basis.
3. Bad plumbing
Bad plumbing can be the another common cause that you may find inside your house. Leaky and damaged pipes in your bathroom or kitchen areas can easily be visible. If you are finding such defects inside your house drainage system, then the immediate action is needed to treat this. AA Action Waterproofing provides you a team of experts who can authentically repair and provide durable basement waterproofing.

4. Poor maintenance of sump pump
Sump pump is another important factor to maintain and resist the leakage in the basement. An improper and irregular attempt of sump pump maintenance can be the banother cause of a leaky basement. so , it is important to keep the sump pump in-checked and clean.
We at. AA Action Waterproofing believes in providing effective and efficient basement waterproofing that can benefit you for a longer period of time. To avail the service, contact us now.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Blog on February, 09, 2018