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5 Key Signs you have Mold in your Home

The worst nightmare for a person  is the presence of mold in his/her home. Mold is the worst enemy for any homeowner. Mold is not always easy to find as it is not visible. It can grow and get spread all your home without being visible and is the only reason behind numerous serious health issues. And what makes the situation more worse is that when mold get their food source, they settles down and multiply fast.
The pungent smell of mold and its dark appearance is the least of the worries. High levels of mold can cause health problems such as sneezing, headaches, respiratory issues among more. It is not easy to tell whether you have mold in your home or not, you could even be living with these infestations for years before discovering it.

Here are some of the common signs that indicates that you have mold in your home.

1. Water Spots and Stains
Have you noticed a yellowish or other colored stain on your doorways, walls and floors? Notice any weird condensation on the windows? Are your window frames all right? All these signs indicates that you have severe water damage on the interior structure of your building. There are varieties of mold that you cannot even identify based on size, color or shape. Toxin molds can appear as a black or yellow stain, dark, furry growth, or even as white, brown or green specks. It better to invest in waterproofing solution, once you notice these stains.

2. Unpleasant Smell
Mold, whether visible or hidden, gives out an unusual and musty smell. If an area in your home constantly smells unusual, there is a possibility of  mold in the room. You can reach to the mold by following the smell , then remove it. But if unfortunately the mold is present in an unreachable area like between the walls, all you need to do is, hire a professional to help you remove it.

3. Wrinkling wallpaper and Peeling Paint
One of the most common reason for wrinkling wallpaper and reeling wall, paint is that the wall is suffering from severe water damage. Water damage means moisture and mold loves moisture. Keep your eye out of cracks and bubbles in your wall paint, pay attention to bulging and warped walls and invest in mold remediation service , once you notice these signs.

4. Constant Humidity
If you notice humidity, especially during summer months, it is a big warning sign you need to check for mold in your home. It is suggested to keep the humidity level of your Air Conditioner unit nearly around 30 to 60 % as it prevents mold growth.

5. Serious Health Symptoms
As mold is not visible and it can be difficult to find out whether your home has mold presence or not not, until you experience some health complications. These health issues are the common indicator that your home could have mold. Serious health issues related to mold allergy include constant running watery eyes, nose, sneezing, sore throats and coughing. Once you notice any of such health issues, consider testing your home for mold presence.

These are the common signs  your home is suffering from mold. Do you think you have mold in your home? If yes, then contact AA Action waterproofing today and breathe easily.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on January, 09, 2018