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What Causes A Foundation To Sink?

Your home has the support it needs to withstand decades upon decades of pressure, when it is set on a solid foundation. There is a long list of problems the can build up over time if your house’s foundation is not set properly. Simply stated, your house settles when the soil beneath it is unable to support your home’s weight. A sinking foundation is one problem that can occur if the foundation is laid improperly or on unstable soil. This can also be related to changes in the soil beneath your home. Maryland’s clay soils are problematic for foundations looking for secure footing. When clay soil holds water, it expands. When clay soil is dry, it shrinks. This creates a chaotic atmosphere for a foundation looking for stability. Your foundation could also be on shaky ground if the fill soil beneath your home is not properly compacted. Sinking foundations need to be addressed as soon as they are noticed to help prevent future damage to your home.

How Can I Tell If My Foundation Is Sinking?

There are obvious signs that your foundation may be unstable, for example, a gradual slanting to one side is a strong indication. Signs like these are easy to notice and observe, but there are other red flags to be aware of. Keep on the lookout for windows and doors becoming jammed or misaligned. Water puddles that form around the base of your home, upheaval of flooring, or floors that gradually become sloped can also be an indications of foundation problems. Homeowners should be aware of the type of soil their home is standing on and stay aware of any changes in their home’s appearance.

What Is Sinking Foundation Repair?

The very first step in fixing a house that is sinking is to have it examined by a professional. A professional can access the damage and inform you if there is anything that can be done. There are several methods used to help sinking foundations. High-pressure grouting works by injecting grout into unstable soil to improve its integrity, and in some cases to lift the house up. Load bearing piers can be used to lift and stabilize a foundation about to go under, and in many instances can be a permanent solution. Helical piers are used as a permanent solution too where fill material or a high water table is present.

A sinking foundation requires a professional to examine and diagnose problems to turn them into solutions. With nearly 30 years of expertise in foundation repair in the Maryland are, AA Action Waterproofing can help get your foundation back on solid ground. So if your foundation is sinking, call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on October, 17, 2016