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Why Waterproofing Paint Is Not Enough

If you have found excess moisture in your basement, you may be tempted to do a little DIY solution. The most common DIY solution is waterproofing paint. Hardware stores will often sell waterproofing paint as the ultimate cure for basement moisture issues. Though waterproofing paint can act as a thin barrier, in most cases it is not enough of a solution to deal with the presence of basement moisture.

Waterproofing Paint Does Not Address The Real Issue

Excess basement moisture can be the result of several issues. Your landscaping may be contributing to a buildup of groundwater leading to hydrostatic pressure, you may have leaks from basement cracks or holes, or you may have issues with your sump pump or basement drainage solutions. Waterproofing paint does not address any of the key factors causing the moisture in your basement.

Waterproofing May Contribute To Hydrostatic Pressure

Since waterproofing cause a seal, but does not reduce any of the pressure from the surrounding groundwater. Typically, this pressure will release by pushing vapor through the porous surface of concrete. If hydrostatic pressure is not dealt with and you create a barrier with waterproofing paint, you may actually be encouraging more hydrostatic pressure which can lead to larger issues like foundation cracking and holes, and even bowing walls. So it is essential that when you waterproof your basement you actually deal with the root cause and not just apply a potentially damaging layer of paint.

Waterproofing Paint May Blister

Since waterproofing paint does not address the key factors contributing to basement moisture, the moisture will still be present underneath the paint. Paint relies on a tactile bond with the wall to work. Water can erode that bond, causing the paint to fail which may lead to blistering, cracking, and flaking. So after time it will no longer offer any protection.

Waterproofing Paint Made Contribute To Mold Growth

Many waterproofing paint products contain organic materials. Since waterproofing paint does not always stop moisture buildup, adding those organic elements to excess water and you have a recipe for mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew are extremely hazardous to your family’s health, so it is important that you don’t do anything that can contribute to mold growth.

Therefore, if you are experiencing basement moisture issues, think twice before picking up the waterproofing paint. Though you may be trying to remedy the situation, you may actually be making it worse. Instead you should call AA Action Waterproofing. Our knowledgeable experts will come out, inspect your property, find the root cause of the moisture, and tailor a solution to protect your home. So before reaching for the paint, reach for the phone and call us for a free consultation to see how we can help you!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on October, 18, 2016