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4 Signs You Need A Mold Test For Your Home

If you and your family are experiencing allergy symptoms inside your home, mold could be the culprit. Mold is present in every home, but when given the right conditions it can spread to unhealthy levels affecting the air you are constantly breathing inside your house and the structural integrity of your walls, ceilings and floors. Here are some helpful hints to help you detect if it necessary to schedule a professional mold test.

  1. Trust Your Senses: If you see or smell mold, it is present at unhealthy levels. Seeing mold is a strong indicator you may have a leaking pipe or crack in your foundation. A musty or moldy smell is a clue you have spores hatching somewhere in your home, it could be in your walls or on any surface coming into contact with moisture.
  2. Allergy Symptoms Inside Your Home: Mold is one of the most common indoor allergens, and it can make you and your family sick. There are some specific mold spores that are toxic to the human body causing you to suffer from a variety of neurological symptoms including headaches. It is important for a professional to determine which types of mold you have present in your home if you are experiencing these symptoms.
  3. If You Have Had Any Water Leaks Of Long Term Moisture Problems: Mold will thrive in the right conditions, and if you have had any water leaks (such as leaking pipes or a leaking ceiling), there is a good chance mold has been given the opportunity to grow. There may be signs of moisture problems from bubbling paint, discolored walls, surface of walls or other materials feeling damp, and/or bulging or warped portions of your walls or ceiling.
  4. Flooding: If your house has been flooded in the past it is possible mold could have started to grow. Most likely this would occur in a basement or similar area where water would accumulate and linger the longest.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of mold, contact AA Action Waterproofing to schedule a professional mold test. Only a trained professional can help you detect which kind of mold spores you have living with you and plan the safest options for removal and treatment. AA Action Waterproofing cares about the health of you, your family, and your home. As Maryland’s premier waterproofing company, we are ready to assist you in protecting your investment. So call us today for a free consultation!

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on October, 16, 2016