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5 Things That Harm Your Home Foundation

A person’s house is one of the most valuable assets for him/her. It is valuable not only for its commercial value but also because a person has many memories related to one’s own house. Any major damage to the house may be a catastrophic event for the owner. One of the most vulnerable sections of a house to damage is foundation and basement.

Most people concentrate on the upper part of the house for decoration and maintenance neglecting the foundation. The foundation and lower parts get damaged if their problems are avoided for long. Your house’ foundation, therefore, requires maintenance at regular intervals due to many factors.
Here are the 5 primary things that call for foundation repair in your house.

1. Water

Water is one of the most dangerous things when it comes to foundation damage. Seepage of water makes the foundation walls weak and crack. The concrete gets dampened and frail. These things happen mainly due to heavy rainfall and inadequate waterproofing.

Foundation repair becomes crucial to protect the lower parts of the house. Avoiding these may lead to massive damage.

2. Poor Drainage

Drainage is an important part of any household. Taking away the excess water is crucial to maintaining the house in a proper condition. If the gutters are clogged and downspouts in wrong arrangement the soil around the house can get loosened up pretty fast. It harms the foundation by making it unstable and weak.

3. Landscape Problems

Beautification of the landscape near the house is done for many things. It increases the value of the property and makes it look appealing. In process of making the landscape stand out safety concerns, many a time takes a backseat. This results in damage done to the foundation due to protruding roots and overgrowth being too close to the house.

It is essential that all kinds of tree plantation and bushes be at least 5 feet away from the main structure and plants be chosen carefully which do not have long roots.

4. Seasonal Change

The weather of a region affects the construction of a house in a very significant way. People do check the prevalent weather to choose both the quality and kind of material required to make their house.

However seasonal factors like rain, hailstorms, snow and heat take a huge toll on your house. Rains lead to direct seepage, hails many a time does serious damage to the exterior of the house and snow leads to a major problem in mold outgrowth and clogging. Excessive heat makes soil coarser which directly makes your foundation shift.

5. Structural Defects

Sometimes the construction company is also at fault for damaging the foundation. Using cheap untenable material to make the foundation, wrong measurements done, improper soil checking can lead to serious problems in the house foundation. Foundation repairing of these kinds is one of the toughest to solve.

A home foundation is crucial for any house and protecting it from damages leads to a longer and safer living time. In places such as Maryland which experiences both torrential rains and has a huge variation in landscapes, foundations are a serious concern for homeowners.

Foundation repair in Maryland is mostly looked after by the expert AA action waterproofing.  Any and every waterproofing, contact us and have your repairs done thoroughly and efficiently.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on April, 14, 2017