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Leaning Chimney: Know The Causes And The Solutions

A common problem of every house is a leaning chimney that is not so uncommon to be overlooked by homeowners. Leaning chimneys are the evidence of serious issues such as bricks can easily fall, smoke can leak into home’s interior, snow and rain could seep in leading to water damage and bugs can enter exposed cracks that needs to be addressed immediately.

The leaning  chimneys are basically of two types, one that leans away from the house and the other one that leans on or over the house. Some homeowners try to fix this problem themselves but it is only temporary. As leaning chimney is a noticeable sign of foundation failure, at the first sight of damaged chimney, call in a licensed professional.

What is the cause?

The material such as bricks and stones that are used to build chimneys are extremely heavy. Actually, chimneys need specific concrete footing to support all the added weight. This footing along with the underlying foundation supports your home. There are various reasons that cause the leaning of your chimney that consists of:

  • The clasps and brackets that hold the upper segments of chimney in place are worn
  • The improper size of footing
  • Over time, shifting of soil and water causes the cracks in it or crumbles the concrete
  • Volatile soil contractions and expansions, improper water drainage or soil erosion leads to foundation failure

You have to always remember that over time a well installed chimney can also destabilize due to natural settling or wear and tear of the home.

How to fix it?

Whatever may be the cause of leaning chimneys, they require immediate attention and intervention by a professional and licensed contractor. You should never try to repair your chimneys yourself, they are not a DIY job. Here, at AA Action Waterproofing, we specialize in every kind of foundation repairs. Our team of professionals have years of experience in chimney repairs and a wide range of preventive maintenance solutions to keep it from leaning in the first place.

The most common solution used in chimney repair is the installation of helical piers for the purpose of underpinning the entire structure. To ensure a permanent support, we install a system beneath the foundation and the concrete footing. The piers are basically drilled down deep into the soil until they get a secure and sturdy support. After this, the clasps and brackets are applied all around the chimney so that it is firmly attached.

If necessary, we even close the gaps, if there are any, to prevent any fumes or heat from leaking. In cases of heavier chimneys, micropile underpinning systems are also installed to provide the additional support.

Get your leaning chimney repaired

A leaning chimney is a serious problem and needs to be tackled promptly. It is neither attractive nor charming, so contact us and get it repaired from our professional contractors immediately!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair, leaning chimney on May, 18, 2017