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Why Worrying About Mold Is A Wintertime Issue As Well

Wall with dirty mold like backgroundWhen you think of mold problems, the chances are pretty good that you think of them during the summer –when the wet Northeastern weather starts dropping some snow on the region. Areas like Virginia and Washington DC get around 28 to 62 inches of rain annually, so this ‘wet season’ is the most common time to think about mold. But over the years, we at AA Action Waterproofing have seen plenty of mold related issues that come about not because of summer rains, but because of the winter freeze. If you’re not convinced that mold is a year-round issue, keep reading.

First, it’s worth understanding that the winter can have a huge impact on your basement that may lead to mold remediation needs. The primary issue is related to freezing. When freezing temperatures occur, it can cause the concrete and block work in your basement to expand. This can lead to the development of cracks which in turn may let water in. But you won’t notice that water at first – because of the freeze. Once that the spring thaw comes around, the melting snow and ice start to trickle into basements and set up moisture that can quickly turn to mold.

Most people assume that since mold generally needs a warm, dark, moist place to truly proliferate that their basement is fine during the winter months. But in reality, your basement is likely to be plenty warm enough to allow the growth of mold and the release of mold spores even during the winter months. In short, it’s plenty possible to find mold growth that has occurred in the depths of winter – even during the Polar Vortex that has been plaguing the east coast throughout this winter season.

Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, mold isn’t something you’ll just be able to know that you have an issue with. A complete mold remediation visit is important for determining how bad your mold problem is, where the source of the mold is located, and how to overcome it.

Our professionals are experienced in providing basement waterproofing and mold remediation services to all of our clients. We serve a wide range of areas in the Northeast, and are ready to help you as well. Don’t wait until mold growth has set in and become a major problem. Contact us today to find out what your options are and how you can get rid of mold for good.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on March, 12, 2014