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Why Does A Foundation Need Repair?

Why Does A Foundation Need Repair?When most people use or think of the word “foundation,” it conjures a sense of large, reliable immobility. A foundation, after all, is the base on which everything else sits. That sounds like something that should last forever. And yet, in some cases, a home or other building that started out with a solid foundation can, over decades, become a problem, and even require repair for the good of a building’s continued long term “health.” If left untreated, an unrepaired foundation can cause an entire structure to move in different directions. This can result in obvious damage, like concrete or brick walls cracking, floors becoming uneven and doors sticking. It may even lead to new additions to a home falling out of “alignment” or steps to your home no longer sitting evenly at your door.

Unfortunately for us, a foundation in need of repair works on a very slow scale, so it’s not as obvious as a pipe springing a leak or a window breaking. It can take years for the effects to be seen and often it starts out small, leading many people to think the problem isn’t serious, and leaving it neglected—and worsening—for years.

How It Happens

When a foundation need repair, this is usually because parts of the foundation are dropping or sinking. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the house was poorly built, it’s just another of the unpredictable effects of time over a long enough period. The soil conditions may change, through extended periods of dryness or moisture, causing soil to move and affect the foundation. Poor drainage of fluids such as rain water can—over enough time—erode the soil around a home, which can have a serious effect on the foundation if ignored over a long enough period of time. Even the clay that makes up part of Maryland’s ground can have an effect as it expands and causes your foundation to settle and move in ways never intended by the original construction.

Any of these factors can be a reason for a foundation needing repair, but no matter what the cause is, there’s one thing for certain. Leaving a foundation unrepaired will lower the value of your home, and merely increase the cost for a repair when the time finally comes. If you’d like to know how your foundation is holding up, please get in touch with us at AAAction Waterproofing to see whether you need an inspection of your foundation.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on August, 20, 2015