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Mold & Basement Leak Clean Up Or Prevention?

Clean Up Or Prevention?Most people in this world do try to adopt a positive attitude towards life. While this can include actions that are as simple as just showing gratitude for kindness or beauty in the environment, this can also extend to just trying to ignore all the negativity. For many people, these changes in perspective can lead to positive results, but sometimes ignoring negativity can also lead to disasters from lack of awareness.


Ignoring The Obvious

At AA Action Waterproofing, we have many clients who require service after extensive water damage has affected the home. Basement leaks can be hard to notice and locate, especially if residents of the home are not often in that area. Further, condensation that can collect in corners and along edges can also be hard to notice, especially if the standing water is spread out.

A further factor with unnoticed leaks and basement flooding is that water events in this room could be apparent at only at times when residents are not present. The result is that once someone goes down to the basement again, there may be no manifest evidence of a flood, since it has already receded. However, musty odors from mold growth and decomposition of damaged items are an indicator that this basement may be leaking.

Unfortunately, once these odors are apparent, it can often mean that extensive basement leak clean up and mold remediation services are necessary. This can make it highly important for homeowners to contact professional help as soon as strange scents are present in the home and basement. Further, residents can also reduce damages by:

  • Going into the basement more frequently to check for moisture and odor
  • Routinely inspecting for obvious leaks and standing water
  • Checking for mold growth on items and on surfaces

This can help to catch leaks in the basement more quickly, which can also mean less effort in cleaning up.

Preventive measures can also ensure that the need for mold remediation and removal of damaged items is not an issue. Contacting AA Action Waterproofing for preemptive basement waterproofing or after the fact remediation and interventive measures is imperative to reducing costs for repairs and replacements that could have been avoided.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on June, 27, 2015