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What Is Hydrostatic Pressure?

What Is Hydrostatic Pressure?Hydrostatic pressure is a complex term for a common problem. Hydrostatic pressure is essentially the pressure created by the groundwater that builds around your home. Hydrostatic pressure ranges depending on your climate. In Maryland, hydrostatic pressure is a common cause of water damage to homes.

Hydrostatic pressure is essentially caused by a buildup of groundwater. The amount of groundwater in your soil depends on the water table of your area. In Maryland we have a high water table because we are close to large bodies of water and experience a lot of rain. We also have porous soil that can hold a large amount of water. The water table can also range depending on seasonal factors like rain and snow. A high water table means more hydrostatic pressure against your home.

A high water table creates pressure against your home. That pressure is called hydrostatic pressure. It is pressure from the groundwater pushing against the foundation. Water is very heavy, it weighs 60 pounds per cubic feet. So if you have a high water table, your soil is exerting thousands of pounds of pressure against the walls of your foundation. Though homes are built to generally withstand this pressure, in cases of a high water table this pressure can begin to slowly destroy your home.

Hydrostatic pressure is the main cause of water leaks, flooding, foundation cracking, and other basement moisture issues. The weight and the pressure can create cracks and fissures, it can also lead to seepage through porous surfaces. This can cause everything from basement moisture, to leaks, to the destruction of the structural integrity of the home.

Luckily there are ways to protect against hydrostatic pressure. A comprehensive basement waterproofing system helps mitigate the pressure. A quality sump pump and drainage tiles can help mitigate a lot of the effects of hydrostatic pressure. Also ensuring the strong integrity of your foundation as a strong barrier against hydrostatic pressure can ensure that you do not end up with problems. The licensed contractors at AA Action Waterproofing have a variety of ways to deal with hydrostatic pressure. We understand the challenges to Maryland’s specific water table and can create a customized solution for your home so you never have to deal with the problems caused by hydrostatic pressure.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on April, 01, 2016