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Weather That Can Cause Damage To Your Basement

Weather That Can Cause Damage To Your BasementWeather will naturally wear down your home over time—it’s an expected thing and routine maintenance is simply part of being a homeowner. But there are actually a few things that you can do to prevent damage, with the most significant one being basement waterproofing. Waterproofing your basement doesn’t just give you a nice, dry space to store belongings or set up a t.v. room. A dry basement means a happy home overall.

Once water enters your basement, it can mean there are leaky pipes, cracks in the foundation, walls, or floor, potential mold and mildew growth, and even pesky critters like termites or rodents. After significant damage that goes ignored, you could actually require a complete foundation repair, which is an incredibly costly project.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we are big supporters of preparing instead of repairing. Repairing implies that damage has been done and you’re trying your best to clean up the mess. Preparing means not even allowing these things to happen to your home, keeping it safe, dry, and allowing the structural integrity to stay in tact.

When people ask us about how water can enter the home, we try to mention the different types of weather issues that can cause seepage and leaks. Unfortunately for those in the Maryland area, you’ll be faced with all of these! But luckily, with the proper preventative measures, you’ll be ready no matter the weather.

Heavy Rains

Obviously, a heavy rainfall will increase the chances of water sneaking into your home. Whether it enters through cracks or windows that don’t shut perfectly, even one rainfall can mean you now have moisture in your home.

Heavy Snows

Snow itself is quite beautiful, but as it begins to melt it becomes a bit of a nightmare. Not only does this mean you have snow melting close to the base of your home, but you also have water dripping from your roof as snow melts up there.

Freezing Temperatures

Extreme, cold temps causes water to then freeze, and frozen water expands. This means that your pipes may be susceptible to bursting, which can actually result in some pretty significant basement flooding.


Humidity is often overlooked because it’s not as tangible as a heavy rain. It is, however, just as big of a problem. Small amounts of humidity allow water to accumulate and seep into your walls, giving you a high potential for mold without you even noticing it.

Prepare your home for all types of weather with services from AA Action Waterproofing. Call us today for your free quote! 877-344-9654

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on May, 17, 2016