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Creative Storage Ideas For Your Basement

Creative Storage Ideas For Your BasementWhen it comes to basement storage, you want to try to keep your belongings elevated off the ground (even a few inches with risers). Additionally, air-tight plastic bins are a sure bet of preventing moisture, mold, or unwanted critters from getting into your valuables. But why not get a little creative with your basement storage? After all, if you’ve waterproofed your home and are taking preventative measures, you can rest assured that what you own can stay safe while still looking good.

Underneath Stairs Storage

This is an excellent place to store the things that you use regularly. You don’t need to dig through your entire basement to find your commonly used tools or your kids’ favorite toys. Instead, just walk downstairs and it can be right in front of you! You can fit a surprisingly large number of smaller, knick-knack-like items underneath stairs, allowing bigger, open space for large items.

Basement Stairs Wall Storage

Other small, commonly used items can go here as well. As you walk downstairs, you can install shelves on either the left or right to keep tiny items that you want to be able to grab easily. With a professionally waterproofed basement, you can even put coat racks and hang jackets, making it a quick thing to grab on your way out of the house.

Bike Hooks

Instead of setting bikes in a corner when they’re not in use, lift them up off the ground with bike hooks. These can hang from either the ceiling or against the wall, making your basement instantly more organized. It frees up space on your floor and gives your bikes a dedicated space.

Roof Rafter Storage

This is an ideal place to store seasonal items like summer or winter toys, holiday supplies, and anything you want to continue to own but don’t use all the time. Installing metal baskets ensures that no water will ever pool on the shelves and allows you to see what’s up there without much effort.

If you’re interested in storing valuables in your basement, make sure you’ve taken the proper steps to waterproof it and keep belongings dry. Learn more about basement waterproofing at AA Action Waterproofing.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on May, 18, 2016