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Want To Keep Your Basement Dry? Here’s How.

Most homeowners probably visit their basement at least once or twice a month, right? Even though the basement is a major part of the house, some homeowners do not give much thought to its maintenance; yet, if something goes wrong in the basement, it can lead to havoc in the rest of the house. There may be problems with the plumbing, drainage, and other areas. Professionals at A A Action Waterproofing recommend regular inspections in your basement to ensure it remains in good condition.

The most common problems that can occur in a basement are mainly caused by moisture that accumulating in areas such as cracks in walls, older pipes, and more. In fact, moisture can spread rapidly all over the house and cause breathing problems, especially in young children. We at A A Action Waterproofing do not want you to go through such situations. That’s why we provide quality waterproofing service.

We advise you follow these steps to keep your basement dry:

Keep water away from the basement

Outdoor fixtures such as downspouts and gutters can create standing water in the basement. You need to ensure that such areas are well-maintained, cleaned, and inspected regularly to prevent any leakage or blockage. Also, keep an eye out for any sinking, sloping, or drainage issues in the foundation and treat them early. You can trust the experts at A A Action Waterproofing, who are well-trained in effective basement waterproofing.

can use a dehumidifier

Basements are typically more humid than other parts of house. This is why it’s essential you keep it dry and moisture-free. Keep in mind that your chimney can create humidity in the basement. Installing a dehumidifier can prevent extra humidity from the chimney from accumulating in your basement.

Coat the walls and floors

One of the best ways to prevent the moisture in your basement is to coat the interior walls and floors of the basement. Using waterproof sealant on the bare concrete is a great way to prevent moisture in your basement. Also, make sure that the sealant you choose is thick enough to fill every tiny pore of the concrete.

Enclose cold-water pipes

In the winter months, it is common for pipes to freeze up and then thaw, a process that can also cause moisture in the basement. It is extremely important that you insulate the pipes to prevent seating that may be responsible for cracks in pipes.

Repair cracks/holes ASAP

Over the time, you may notice the cracks and holes in and around the basement floors and walls. It is important that you treat them as soon as possible. Inspect your basement on a regular basis and treat any signs of damage in a timely manner.
We advise our clients to keep checking their basements, as they are extremely prone to moisture damage. If you are dealing with costly and inconvenient basement damage that is out of your control, we are here to help. We can provide you with a comprehensive and durable basement waterproofing service.

This entry was posted in Basement Dry on August, 24, 2018