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5 Cause of Mold Growth In Your Basement

One of the biggest fears facing many homeowners is the idea of a mold infestation. Black mold is a fungus that grows as multicellular filaments in cool, damp areas. Mold can grow anywhere from ceilings and walls, to basement corners. Regular maintenance of your home can reduce and possibly totally eliminate mold growth. AAA Action Waterproofing provides effective mold remediation as well as mold abatement, decontamination, and mildew clean-up. Our experienced mold remediation professionals also ensure the safety while treating the mold.

The experts at AAA Action Waterproofing always start by locating the source of the mold. Here’s the list of some potential causes of mold:


One of the causes of the mold growth is excess humidity. Humidity usually appears in the basement first, as it is typically a poorly-ventilated area of the house. If you’re experiencing humid weather, check your basement first to see if there are any signs of mold.

Leaking pipes

Bathroom or kitchen areas may incubate mold, especially around leaky plumbing fixtures. If you notice leaking pipes, make sure you examine the area closely. Ignoring the problem will only make the problem worse. It’s better to treat even the slightest case of mold right away.


One of the prime causes of mold growth is condensation. Typically, cold surfaces create condensation which then spreads to metal pipes, concrete floors, carpets and even walls. Our experts will search these surfaces for mold and get them repaired right away.

Poor ventilation

Does your house or apartment have enough windows and doors? How is the ventilation in your home? A house with poor ventilation could cause mold growth, as it allows for the accumulation of damp, stale air. Doors and windows allow for humid air to circulate out, reducing the moisture in the air.


Mold often appears after flooding or significant leaking in the basement. It takes only 24 hours for mold to form in wet areas. In such a situation, our expert mold remediators will help you address the problem before it gets any worse.

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This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on September, 07, 2018