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Building Your Home To Prepare For The Future

Using A Clean Slate To Prepare For The Future As suburbs up and down the east coast continue to expand, many new residents to Maryland and the surrounding regions are faced with the opportunity to actually have an active say in the design and construction of a new home. This can often be even more exciting when couples are involved and are considering this dwelling as a space to grow a family.

However, just as life goals require pre-planning and considerations for eventualities in order to face challenges with grace, the construction of a new home should also be proactive in a design that can be sustained for years to come. This means that while all risks to the dwelling may not be an actual threat, there should still be actions that are taken to prevent disasters.


Starting From The Bottom Up

When building your home, the foundation is the basis for the structural stability and form of the house. Once the home is completed, problems with the foundation or in the basement can also be the basis for safety and health hazards, as well as the undermining of the entire construction.

Problems in the foundation and basement can include:

  • Cracks and pocketing in the concrete
  • Seepage of water into the basement
  • Excess moisture and mildew problems
  • Standing water
  • Basement flooding from poor drainage

This can also make it important to consider these issues when initially laying the foundation and erecting the home.


Making Assurances A Foundation

One of the best choices that new home builder in the Maryland area can make is to take preventive measures against basement flooding and foundational erosion before the home is built. This can include:

  • Concrete treatments
  • Pre-sealants
  • Drainage inclusions, such as French and blind drains
  • Foundational support and reinforcements

The result is that many issues that can affect a home over time can be avoided, simply by planning for future eventualities.

New homeowners who are still in the opening phases of construction are encouraged to contact AA Action Waterproofing, so that we can provide these preventive services for basement waterproofing as the home is being built. This investment in the future can mean the difference between growing a family in a cherished home and being forced to change lifestyles due to water damage and basement flooding.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on July, 11, 2015