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Top Down And Bottom Up Concerns With Basement Flooding

Top Down And Bottom Up Concerns With Basement FloodingAt AA Action Waterproofing, our years of experience in helping Maryland residents waterproof their basements and also contend with mold remediation and restorative waterproofing services, have taught us to never underestimate the causes for basement flooding. Although concerns such as cracks in the foundation and poor drainage on the property can be some of the most common causes for moisture and flooding problems, these are not the only ones that can lead to mess and damages.

From Above

Whenever a homeowner faces the need for a roof repair, the immediate concern is for internal structural integrity in ceilings and drywall, as well as the actual condition of the attic space below the leak. However, many people do not realize that once water is in the home, it will not necessarily stay isolated in that one area. Differences in level and lower sections of the attic will cause the water to run towards the lowest point, and if there is a further breach that the water can follow, it will.

The result is that a leak in the roof or attic can actually lead to eventual basement flooding. This may be due to seepage through the insulation and spaces between the walls, but it can also happen if the water stream encounters a pipe or other conduit that it can follow.

This is very similar to the old grade school experiment of pouring water down a string, and the reason that this is possible is due to the high coefficient for surface tension that water actually has. Even for a liquid, the structure of water is highly stable and cohesive, and this is a main reason that it can easily travel from a leak in the roof to a flood in the basement.

Looking Below

Any water incursion into the home should be taken seriously, since the resulting damages can be astronomical. Further, understanding that a leak in one area can impact the entire home is also highly important. This can also make it even more necessary to consider pre-emptive measures in avoiding basement flooding.

Another important point for homeowners to remember is that the basement does represent the lowest point of the structure. In keeping with the physical properties of water this also means that leakage from above will eventually start to collect and stay in the basement area. This can become a further issue for homeowners when the immediate focus is on the roof repair, as the basement can get overlooked in this process.

Basement waterproofing before a problem arises can contend with many of the known and unknown causes of basement flooding and moisture. The use of sealants and patching faulty foundations can not only eliminate the threat of flooding that comes from the ground, but also the buildup that can trickle down from higher areas.

Contacting AA Action Waterproofing can not only give homeowners the peace of mind that there is one less issue in the dwelling to deal with, but it can also provide an extensive evaluation for other hazards that may be present to contribute to basement moisture.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on August, 08, 2015