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Top 5 Causes Of Foundation Crack In DC

All of us know that foundation is the prominent part of the house to ensure the strength and solidity. Foundation is the important aspect that holds up every part of the house.  Not only ensures durability of the house but also provides beautiful structure to the house. Unfortunately, just by some causes, it gets cracked which is a threat as well as looks ugly.

You will notice many signs such as cracks along walls, doors and windows, slanted chimney, bowed walls, mold, moisturization and many many more. Generally, you tend to overlook theses signs maybe tight-scheduled work and other priorities. But, inspecting your house should be the first of all because it is your ultimate destination.

However, if you are not able to detect those leading causes of crack, then you need to read below factors:

1. Water
The very obvious and biggest threat to your foundation is water. Mainly, the water pressure is responsible for foundation crack. There are two water pressure types, upward water pressure is known as hydrostatic pressure and inward pressure is lateral pressure against the foundation wall. For instance, excess water in soil enclosed with your foundation generates swelling against the wall that ultimately cause cracking. Poor roof drainage and plumbing leaks can be the reason of excess water.

2. Soil type
Type of soil against the foundation is another reason of a cracked foundation. Moreover, there are many soils that keeps on shifting due to weather such as clay soil and expansive soil. After the foundation is laid on a clay soils, you will seen many changes such as increased moisture and shrinking. So, if you notice your foundation is cracked, this also can be the reason.

3. Tree roots
If your house is situated next to big tree , then, possibly the roots of the tree can be the  cause of the cracked or weak foundation. It is essential to make sure that roots are growing away from your house, make sure root are not affecting your house. Also, make sure there are less trees around your house, short trees or plants can be good to ensure healthy environment.

4. Poor foundation
There is major reason of cracked foundation is poor foundation. A poor foundation can be caused by unprofessional assessment to install the foundation or bad material has been used during the installation. All led to a weak foundation that is vulnerable and also dangerous for your family. So, keep your foundation up and renewed by regular repair.

To sum it up, the above-mentioned were the main cause of foundation crack and needs to be inspected on a regular basis. If you need type of household service such as basement waterproofing, mold remediation, and foundation repair, AA Action Waterproofing will assist you with a team of experts for an authentic repair and installation.

This entry was posted in Blog on February, 23, 2018