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Reasons Why Winters Are More Prone To Basement Leakage

Although, there can be any event or cause that can lead to basement leakage, but, many homeowners have stated that winter is the season where they face a lot of discomfort due to the massive leakage in their house’s basement. On the contrary, rainy season is another bluder for inconvenience and concern-driven. More importantly, the leakage not only takes your precious time but also cost you with heavy payments from your pocket.

Apart from rainy season, winter is another season of reason that brings moisture. You can notice that your home is surrounded by snow can occur moisture. And, moisture is something that is leakage-prone. Whatever the season you come across, it is important to keep a regular check-in to prevent the leakage.
Here are some of the reasons that can be responsible for basement leakage in winters.

1. Cracked floor and walls
Basement cracks in wall and floors are the most centric place from where water can pass through. As winter are moisturized, cracks can be formed by accumulated moisture in soil. The problem can be cured by conducting regular practice to prevent the same. Though, the nature will leave its sign, in such case, professionals are a great help to emit the crack forever.

2. Improper drainage system
One of the common reasons, it is your improper conduction of drainage system that can lead a basement leakage. For instance, if your several part of drainage system such as downspouts, gutters and even windows are not installed properly, can bring leakage to the basement. So, make sure your drainage system is strong enough to face any weather condition.

3. Basement temperature
No matter, it’s winter, it is genuine that basement temperature something remain warm that can melt the snow around your house and can bring moisture to basement floor through soil. It is advisory to take care of your basement specially giving a thorough check to the temperature.

4. Sump Pump Failure
If your basement has sump pump to throw the water out, make sure that it is working properly to avoid flooding. These sump pump are particularly designed to make the way to get the water out. It is important, make sure the sump pump is properly installed to prevent the future leakings.

Keeping your house up and maintained takes a lot of effort that include constant inspection, proper maintenance, quick response to damages and many more. And, leakage basement is something that is common yet curable. We at, AA Action Waterproofing provide you quality service ensuring the durability with the help of our skillful experts. To get the service, contact us now.

This entry was posted in Blog on March, 08, 2018